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Thread: Thoughts on 18" V61's?

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    I got some 18-8.50x8 V-61’s a couple years back from MILLER for my 140. I wanted to put them on my stock rims, to go with the 26-12-12 Tru-Powers on the stock rims on the back. I talked with Miller wondering about putting the 18-8.50’s on the smaller rims, and they were quite helpful with that. I’ve never had any problems with them, and I just got another set for my 400 a month or two ago. They are working good, too, but I don’t mind them being rounded, and I didn’t notice the graying, but I use the 400 nearly every day or every other day mowing different yards, so they’re usually dusty anyway.
    I have one other set of 16-6.50x8’s that are mounted, but not seated, to go on my Patio 140, that I got from a fellow member. They’re several years old, but I didn’t notice the graying on them, either.
    I can’t speak for everyone, and there’s going to be bad experiences, but as for my experiences with Miller and V-61’s, I am happy with them. I do agree that the prices are quite high, as it doesn’t really seem right that some car tires are cheaper than these little lawn mower tires, but, I am glad they’re available, because I like the way they look, and steer on my tractors.
    That’s just my two cents, even though it’s probably only worth one cent!!

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    I have two sets of the 18” V61 on my tractors and my dad has a set of the 16” on his. No problems with any of these.
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    I'm glad others havent had any problems. Nased on your guys' responses I feel I may have gotten a defective set. Unfortunately I have to stand with my experience and can't recommend Miller Tire or their products.

    When I first got the call from Ed, I thought it was a good gesture and that they do care, but with no response since I have to say they don't.

    I was not looking for any sort of refund or meant to bash them by posting this, but simply to let others know about my experience. Had they returned my calls and made an effort I would be able to say something positive since customer service goes a long way with me. I never even heard an apology for the issues I brought up, only excuses.

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