John Deere Piranha 44" Mulching Deck for 200 series
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Thread: John Deere Piranha 44" Mulching Deck for 200 series

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    John Deere Piranha 44" Mulching Deck for 200 series

    Howdy all,

    Has anyone ever seen the 44" Piranha Mulching Deck on a 200 series? This deck has 3 sets of double blades on it. It also has a rear discharge chute. There is one on Ebay now that was mounted on a 212 according to the seller.

    Never seen one before and was just curious and thought I'd ask.

    1978 JD 210H with: 43C Center Blade, 37-A Snow Blower, M43 Front Blade with Manual Angle Kit, 38" 2-blade deck (Older Style) with Tricycler Mulching kit, 38" 2-blade deck (Newer Style) with Powerflow QT, 6.5 Bushel 2- bag grass catcher, MC519 Cart Collection System, 16 Gallon Sprayer & Rack For MC519, TY13056 Front mount thatcher, 48" landscape rake, JD 40” Plug Aerator, sleeve hitch, rear wheel weights and chains, High Power LED front headlights, and wig-wag rear tail lights

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    Having a 214 and a 345 with a Piranha there is nothing similar in the waw the decks attach. If nothing else the PTO on the 214 would be a nightmare to use with a 44 inch Piranha. Roger

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    The picture of the deck on eBay shows the added brackets when you look at the other 44 inch that are for the LX and GX series. I have often thought about this for my 318 but have never run across one in my area. It would require some engineering.
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    i know this thread is a few days old but i seen that deck on ebay and caught my attention as well, i just don't know if the double pulley would be configured for the correct speed. i know it wouldn't be exact but i looked over both the ebay 44 for the 212 and an 44 for a lx series and they looked like they had the same double pulley on both decks. so i would assume they didn't change the pulley. if the pto on a 212,214 etc etc was smaller that means the deck would be slower. some speed up would be ok but a deck that spins too slow is no good either. and for dhager, i looked over the parts diagrams for say the 345 48c and and the later 48 replacment deck for the 318 and if you could find a good deck for conversion and would happen have an old rusted 46 deck lol they still offer the pulley and different brackets for the pulley from mother deere. its really just the matter of cutting the brackets off of the 46 and welding them to the 48 and reconfiguring the pulleys in the correct fashion for the 318. pulley cost around 160ish but for the sake of keeping your favorite tractor going i think its fair. now with that being said i would believe this conversion would work for any of the 345 or lx style decks

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