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    Smile 318 Fuel Tank

    I recently came across a deal that I have only read about. My nephew asked me if I wanted an old JD sitting in the shed at his Mother in Laws. This was about 2 years ago and I had forgotten about it. Recently his wife asked me the same thing. Thinking it was an old gear drive mower that was worn out I was not that excited about it but I said I would go and take a look. When I talked to the lady she said the 318 is sitting in the shed. I walked down and found a really nice 318 with 1037 hrs. on the meter. She said that the deck belt broke and they decided to buy a new 500 series. I asked what she wanted for it and she said I just want it out of the shed so she had more room. Needless to say the 318 came home with me. I have not tried to crank it yet as I wanted to clean out the fuel tank and replace the fuel lines. After getting fuel tank off I found out the gas had turned to varnish. I am looking for something to remove the varnish I tried swishing gas around and using my pressure washer but it still has some varnish inside. It also corroded the metal lines that go down into the tank. I was wondering if anyone had a source for the metal lines and some good ideas on how to remove the varnish from the tank.

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    Can't help you with varnish, but you should be able to get parts from dealer. Good luck with it and got any pictures? We like pics!
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    To clean the tank I use about a cup of Purple Power or Crud Cutter and about a quart of hot water. Duct tape over the fuel outlets, add a couple handfuls of pea gravel, Saran Wrap and rubber band over fuel neck. Shake it up like a big martini. Rinse and dry well.
    The rubber tank grommets and fuel tank components are available from Deere.
    You have a great tractor there, good luck with it.
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    I am a firm believer in SeaFoam. May not be the product to use to initially clean up the tank but regular usage will keep tank and carb clean. I would start using it right away ... Gabby
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