Skid shoe heights for blade & blower?
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Thread: Skid shoe heights for blade & blower?

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    Skid shoe heights for blade & blower?

    I've found conflicting recommendations for setting the skid shoes on the 54 blade & 49 blower. Well, at least conflicting in my head.

    I've got an asphalt driveway thats fairly level. It's pretty old so I'm not concerned with scrape marks.

    If I have this right, the recommendation is to set the 49 thrower skids a smidgen lower than the wear bar on the thrower body, so the feet are doing the contact? And for the 54 blade to set the feet higher than the wear bar, but lower than the main blade body so the wear bar contacts the ground but the blade body would not if the wear bar gets too far worn?

    Is that the general idea?
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    I see a common theme here.... a lot of not running tractors.

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    Steve, I used to set my blade and blower at the same height. I had some 1/16" plexi I'd place under the scraper blade on the blade/blower and let the shoes hit the ground. Some guys use a dime under each side! When the driveway was scraped clean, I'd re-adjust the shoes. I'd rather pay a welder $30 to build up my sheas then pay JD $60 (20 years ago!) for a new edge. Even at 20ºF, asphalt will pick up enough heat to melt 1/8" of snow. Bob
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    Yeah, bob is right on! I use pennies to set my height... to cheap to use dimes
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    i just set mine up using 1/4" plywood and i'm pretty happy with it on a varied concrete/asphalt driveway. probably could scrape closer but the shoes tend to ride up on any ice and hardpack anyhow so i don't know that it makes much difference

    i put the plastic shoes on my walk behind snowblower a few years ago and it made a big difference, might look into making or adapting some of those for the deere.

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