Snow Cab Vinyl Repair?
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Thread: Snow Cab Vinyl Repair?

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    Snow Cab Vinyl Repair?

    In 2018 I picked up a 214 with 37A snowblower and a snow cab. Everything works well. However, the yellow vinyl (soft parts) of the cab are showing some age and slight damage.

    I would like to remove the entire cab and do some rust removal, repaint and vinyl repair.

    The rust removal and painting is no problem but I have never repaired ripped or torn vinyl. Can anybody give guidance for patching or repairing?

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    I would look for an upholstery shop that specializes in boat seats for the repairs. They should be able to duplicate what you have. However I would make sure that the vinyl used is low temperature rated! Like the stuff snowmobile seats are covered with. Standard vinyl will crack in cold temps.

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    I bought a soft side cab for my 316K about a year and a half ago, the front vinyl got pretty much shredded in shipping. I replaced all the front vinyl with lexan, which helps with vision.

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    I had a tent and awning company replace clear vinyl in cab doors. If I remember right parts and labor was $50 per door.
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    Boat covers are big up here (10,000 lakes and all that) but the boat cover shops wanted about $250 per door to make new vinyl doors.
    I went to some other upholstery shops, but they said the arm on their machines couldn't open enough to go over the metal door frame.
    Ended up at a shoe repair shop who are doing the clear vinyl for $50 per door. Still waiting to get them back so jury is out on the job they did.
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    I see a common theme here.... a lot of not running tractors.

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    I understand the problem of getting past the steel frame with the seating machine. I sewed longer fender/footpad flaps on the bottom of the doors and had to remove the sewing machine walking foot. Then get the door in place and put the foot back on. I borrowed an industrial sewing machine for the cab project.
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