317 PTO wiring with Kohler Command swap
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Thread: 317 PTO wiring with Kohler Command swap

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    So I picked up a 317 where the PO to the PO repowered with a Kohler Command CH18S. Honestly picked it up cheap for the engine in case my other 317 with the series 1 K17 decides to blow up. I discovered that the PTO didn't work and when I put a replacement PTO switch in I discovered that the two prong connecter wasn't on the switch but jumpered out of the loop. So I put the switch on correctly(removing the jumper) and simply turned the key and flipped the PTO switch to see if I could hear the clutch engage, nothing. Then I turned the switch off and now turning the ignition switch does nothing. Upon further inspection it looks like the wiring is a cobbled together mess. Any tips on where to start and what to look for?

    Slight update:. Disconnecting and reconnecting battery terminals lets me start it again...now to figure out the wiring mess or if it's just a bad clutch...needle in a haystack.
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    The 317 has basic & simple wiring compared to the the 318's and up. Wiring schematic attached although this schematic may (??) not apply to your ignition switch...don't know if replacement engine is magneto ignition.
    Jumping the 2 pin connector would allow the tractor to be started with the pto on or off, definitely a safety hazard.
    If removing and installing battery cables gave you power again, you've got "dirty" cable connections. Remove and scrape clean to a bright silver color. The gray color is lead oxide, like rust on lead, and is NOT a good conductor. PTO: Remove wire from pto and ohm out with a meter from pto lead on pto to ground. 4 ohms is good, 3.5 is fairly bad, and less than 2 is shot!
    Check things out and get back. Bob
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