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Thread: New from Texas! JD 140. First time Deere owner

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    Welcome. I love the old 140's as a grew up mowing with one. I have one out back in a little better shape than yours. LOL..............

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjydrafter View Post
    Any way you can get a tachometer? That will help, if you can get the rpm set correctly.

    My throttle cable had a metal clip/clamp on it (back towards the coil). I made a little stand off for it to push it out a bit (1/2" or so).

    Your comment about the fuel pump has me wondering if your float needle and/or seal need replaced (new carb, so maybe not). I have had "junk" get caught in one and it wouldn't run right until I got it cleaned (it was clean, just had a chunk keeping the needle from sealing.

    I have tried a couple of fuel filters and could never get it to run right, I have no idea why. So, I try and use fresh clean fuel. There is a strainer/screen in the shut off/petcock on the original tank.
    Quote Originally Posted by rwmeyer View Post
    Harbor Freight has a tach for $40. A piece of magnetic tape is applied to the engine. I mount on pto pulley. TEMPORARILY jumper seat switch, start engine and WARM. Point tach at pulley, push button...and there's your rpm!

    I'm with Matt in that carb bowl flooding issue is needle & seat problem or possibly a problem with the float itself. Bob
    Hey Guys,

    I appreciate all your guys input and help but I think I am 100% sure my governor isn't working. I thought it was but I was just lying to myself lol Dang it! I'll see if tomorrow I can post the video from my phone on here.

    Might not update for a short bit on the tractor because I am jumping on my dads 8N. Also isn't starting and then we have some fencing to put up and other nick nacks to do but I will return!

    Quote Originally Posted by mopar65pa View Post
    Welcome. I love the old 140's as a grew up mowing with one. I have one out back in a little better shape than yours. LOL..............
    Real work horses they are and as such, I'd like to think it earned its place looking like it does lol

    Thank you again everybody! See you soon!

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    we will be here when you get back, or post up pics of your 8n work in the corner store section

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    Hey Ghost I just got done refurbishing one of these hitches for my JD 300. If you goto there is an owners manual for that specific hitch. I am not an expert but from what I can see these are early style hitches initially built specifically for 140 tractors. If you look right below the manual there is a dealer service bulletin that describes how to modify the hitch to fit a 300 series tractor using a factory kit. Luckily mine had been converted or it would not have worked with my tractor. The reason I am pointing this out is that in the instructions they say that the piece of metal you are referring to is the actual up stop. When the conversion is done the factory says to cut that stop off and use a different stop that they provide. Depending on how bad your frame rail is I would just bend it back down so that the stop on the arm contacts the frame to stop the hitch in the proper spot. Good luck on getting this old girl fixed up. they are awesome machines and very useful.

    Any other questions let me know and if I have an answer I'd be more than happy to help.


    PS: the draft arms appear to be installed upside down. The reason I know is because when I reassembled mine I did the same thing. look closely at the picture where the lower arms attach to the upright bars and compare.

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