How do 200 series do around a lot of trees?
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Thread: How do 200 series do around a lot of trees?

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    How do 200 series do around a lot of trees?

    I have the opportunity to get a 212 (free) needing a lite restoration for my son to use. He has 3/4 acre and a lot of trees to mow around. No ground engagement needed-just mowing and a bit of cart pulling. Obviously a Zturn would be best for him but a good condition 212 is available from a benevolent neighbor. My son has a LT155 in poor condition (he got free from his neighbor with K51 issues) but my pride in what he uses is at stake. The 212 can be brought back to near new for a carb cleaning, belts, and a couple of cans of paint. It is also a situation where the donor would like it to go to work at a good home and not just flipped.

    So will going from a hydrostatic drive to a variator drive provide a satisfactory experience? Neither of us have any experience with a variator. I do like the idea of him getting into a real GT from that LT.
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    He'll do okay with a 212, despite no power steering. Would be best for him to try one out first, though. My 212 is a great mower with 38-inch deck on our property with lots of oak trees.

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    The 212 is a great machine and I like the gears + variator combo. I like it better than my 318 w/hydro. I like it better because of the clutch pedal. I can operate the 212, leaving 1 hand free to hold something, like something cold.

    Now the only thing that could be better on the 212. The turning radius isnt as good as my 318.
    That being said, I've adapted to mowing around the trees, swinging bench, fire pit, out buildings in a way that I never back up. More importantly, I can still cut the large section of yard in a straight line, and get a decent stripe pattern from my old gal.
    Its doable with a 212, plus with a little care, itll look good doing it and it will probably last his lifetime, but you already know that part.
    Plus I get questions and compliments from people about them. Most arent familiar with this series and they sure as heck dont know what the 200 series can do.
    I say get the 212 and use it, mine arent going anywhere, I like them.
    Heres my mower 212 on the right and my workhorse 212 on the left.

    Heres the workhorse moving blacktop milling to fix the driveway. Load the little trailer till the front end is pretty lite, pulls it like nothing, even uphill but steering gets tricky, lol.
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    My 214 with a 47" deck was decent at mowing, but just didn't steer like my current 316. The 200 series has the variator which can slow you down to go around trees slowly, and then speed back up without shifting. They are bulletproof with new belts, and a properly adjusted variator.

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    Not a 200 series, but same drive style. I love my 112 RF for mowing. I love the Variator for its abilities and simplicity. However with having some low hanging trees, I’ve started using my 111 and hopefully soon my 60 for trimming and then I zip around with the 112 to cut the majority of my 1.7 acres. I just don’t like holding branches and things away to prevent scratching the paint. Being able to slow down to turn with the brake pedal or in thick grass, then release the brake to come back up to speed is awesome.
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