new here, but not to my 112s
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Thread: new here, but not to my 112s

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    new here, but not to my 112s

    Just joining up, do some poking and maybe ask some questions and share some pictures as I work.

    I've got two square-fenders- first is a Tecumseh-powered 112H that Grandpa bought near-new (I think it was a dealer demo or something) in 1971. He never retired it- it was the tractor he used for the last 30+ years of his life, and what I learned the beginnings of how to drive on. He found a 'left-for-dead' Kohler powered 112H, that maybe used to be a Patio, out back of the dealer in around 1999 and brought it home- he and I fixed it up and I mowed with it for years.

    I can no longer say I learned all I know twisting wrenches on a JD 112 (keeping an elderly Ford Ranger alive on a college budget taught me a few new tricks), but I can still say I learned most of the basic foundations for what I know there. Grandpa was a depression-era machinist, and so the two inviolable rules were to take care of your equipment, and not spend any money on it if you don't have to. (These do occasionally conflict.)

    I went off to college, he died, and the two ended up stuck in dry storage for quite a number of years...but now I have both space to work on them and a need for using them.

    I'm not exactly a collector and far from a restorer...these machines were built to work and that's what I intend to use them for. Mowing, clearing snow, yanking the trailer around the yard...the basic stuff they were built to do.

    I've got two mower decks (one fair, the other rough) a 37A snowthrower, a homemade plow blade, one set of weights and chains, and a homemade hydraulic dumping cart...working on cleaning and painting the attachments (first coat of paint drying now), and some moderate to significant work on the tractors.

    I've got a short block on order for the Kohler-powered tractor (it runs, but it is TIRED), and in the process of installing that I'm sure I'll end up taking care of a few more issues as well.

    Once that one's up and running properly I need to tear the transaxle down on the Tecumseh-powered one and do some electrical work...and it needs the carb rebuilt. It's rough but running for the moment- in fact I used it to plow my driveway most of the winter.

    I don't have any great pictures but here's roughly how they sit now:

    Grandpa's Tecumseh is the one sitting on stands (while the paint on the wheels dries), and my Kohler is the one with the hood taken off.
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    Amen To Being workhorses, treat those machines well and take care of them and they will do the same for you.
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    They are work horses. I got the little brother 110 that still running strong and a 112H that's sitting in shed waiting for the love & attention it needs to come back to life.
    John J.
    '67 112 '69 112H-project waiting to happen '72 110 - daily worker w/ 39 deck, 43 blade, 37A blower '73 140 H3 w/ deck
    bunch of off color GTs also

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