JD 216 Battery dead
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Thread: JD 216 Battery dead

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    JD 216 Battery dead

    JD 216...just riding along happily mowing and Tractor died.
    Out of gas? NO. Started again. Turned on PTO. DIED.
    Battery dead. How is battery on 216 charged? Alternator?
    What should I check and where is it located?
    I am an old lady living in the back country trying to make due

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    Could be a couple of issues. First thing to do (after reading this post and checking stuff!) is remove battery and take it to auto parts store...Advance Auto or the like. They'll do a load check and tell you if the battery just needs charging or is shot!

    I'm not familiar with the 216, so can't say where to find stuff, BUT! Charging system has 2 parts: an alternator, and a regulator. The alternator is located behind the flywheel and is called a "stator". At full throttle, this produces around 30 volts AC. This voltage then goes to a rectifier which changes/rectifies the voltage to 13-15 volts DC. You won't be able to see the stator as it's rather "buried" but you can check the output. The regulator is a smallish box, maybe 3"x 5" usually aluminum and with fins for cooling. It will have 3 wires going to it, the outer 2 will be AC from the stator, and the inner/center will be DC out to the system/battery.

    SO! All this said, I'd charge the battery, disconnect wire from PTO, and try starting/running again. Do you have a multi-meter and know how to use it? If so, before starting, measure battery voltage... should be 12.5 VDC. Start tractor and check battery voltage again...should now read 13-15 VDC.

    Now, if I haven't confused you enough already, set meter to ohms, put one meter lead in wire going into pto, other wire to frame, and read resistance of pto coil...should be 3.5 ohms to 4 ohms.

    Perform these checks or get back with questions! We're here to help! Bob
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    Good afternoon, another piece of information that would be nice to now is if your 216 has electric or manual pto.
    ... Electric would be a rocker switch on left side of steering wheel
    ... Manual is a lever that rotates on right side of steering wheel

    Thanks, Gabby
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