Wiper Motor for a John Deere (Fimco) Cab 4X5 and Others?
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Thread: Wiper Motor for a John Deere (Fimco) Cab 4X5 and Others?

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    Wiper Motor for a John Deere (Fimco) Cab 4X5 and Others?

    Most of the John Deere (Fimco) cabs were not equipped with electric wiper motors, but a hand operated manual wiper. My issue with the manual wiper is it would not stay parked on one side of the windshield or the other. Vibration would almost immediately have it drop to the center of the glass---obstructing your vision. Just plain annoying. On my first 455/cab combination that I acquired 10+ years ago, I added the electric wiper motor option. This was a pricey piece from JD and it didn't have a "park" circuit. So you have to time when you shut the switch off to have the blade "park" to one side or the other. Still annoying, but to a lesser degree.

    This spring, I acquired a second 455 for the second home we acquired. I located another John Deere (Fimco) hard side cab from WFM member Randy Bosch. In turn, that led to another wiper motor search. While still available from JD, they had REALLY become expensive now. We utilize step vans for service vehicles in the business and receive catalogs from aftermarket parts suppliers, which include wiper motors. One of these suppliers, Mill's Supply, had a wiper motor that appeared to be near identical to what I had on the other cab. I contacted Mill's Supply about mounting dimensions, whether the sweep arc was adjustable or if not, what it was, and so forth. John Shega, VP of Marketing, responded promptly with detailed information. The wiper motor would bolt right into the existing holes in the cab with no modifications. Even better, it has a park circuit!

    The next issue would be the wiper arm. As Murphy, of Murphy's Law fame, usually rides "shotgun" on my shoulder so as not to miss an opportunity to complicate my life, I had just assumed the existing wiper blade would not mate with the motor shaft. As the cab requires a pantograph wiper arm, this would complicate things further. Again, John Shega of Mill's Supply was very helpful as we emailed photos and illustrations back and forth. John eventually went directly to the manufacture and was able to source a 16" pantograph wiper arm and set it up in their system as a special order item. Once that hurdle was crossed, then came the anchor pivot for the secondary arm of the wiper blade. It is included with the special order wiper arm and he sent an illustration---it appears to be exactly the same wiper arm that was utilized on the manual wiper that came with the cab. As Mill's stocked the wiper motor, I ordered it alone first to check if I would actually be lucky enough where it would mate with the existing wiper arm. Murphy must have slept in that day. While the motor had a much finer spline than the wiper arm, the splines still engaged perfectly with no slippage.

    Wiper Motor Dimensions

    Wiper Motor Dimensions.png

    Wiper Motor Arc Angle & Park Adjustments

    Wipe Angle.jpg

    The 4X5 cab requires a 100 degree wiper arc and I configured mine for what is detailed as a right side park. As the motor is actually mounted upside down from the adjustment illustration, right side park actually becomes left side park.

    Supplier Info

    Mill's Supply PN 49-031 Universal Wiper Motor: https://www.millsupply.com/49031.php?p=52011

    Mill's Supply Special Order 16" Pantograph Wiper Arm, PN: NN29674 $36.50

    NN29674 Wiper Arm.png

    You may need to email John Shega ([email protected]) of Mill's Supply to place an order for the wiper arm as when I checked it was not setup on their web page.

    If you're building this up from scratch, the wiper blade is a common, universal, 20" blade.

    Installed Photos


    When time allows, I'll create another post on cab wiring.
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    Good information, thanks for sharing. I've sent John an email regarding the possibility of finding a pantograph arm for my M8 DIN style tapered motor shaft. Hopefully I can find something!!
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