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  1. Round Fendered Tractors
    Hi i'm new here and bought a 110 couple weeks ago. The engine wasn't running cause carb and fuel tank were missing. I cleaned up the compleat tractor removed the head grind the valves and adjust etc. The block is in 0.30 and gets weak during running and driving if it warm up. So my question is...
    Up for sale is this nice 541 PTO for a square fender 110 / 112. Complete with mount, shields, engine pulley, and belt. First $275 takes it. Thank You !
    $275 USD
  3. John Deere and Allied Attachments
    Located in somerset, PA. We don’t get enough snow down my way to justify this but maybeone of you northerners would be interested
  4. John Deere and Allied Attachments
  5. Round Fendered Tractors
    Just got in to the hobby, purchased a 64' 110 looking for parts in Canada anyone have any leads?
  6. Gear Drive Tractors
    So I responded to a CL add and ended up picking up a John Deer 110 (not round fender). The hood says 110 Hydraulic Lift, however this could have been a part that was sourced elsewhere. Model: T0362 SN: 260276 Now, what I am finding. I picked this up mid-rebuild. The engine was gone through and...
  7. Round Fendered Tractors
    Hey everyone! Back in 1964, my great grandfather bought a brandnew John Deere 110, serial 12307. Last summer, I lucked into 12306, and now Im searching for 12308 to complete the set. I would consider the tractor in any condition, even if it’s just a serial plate on the pedestal. I’d appreciate...
  8. Round Fendered Tractors
    Hi all. Can anyone let me know if there is any difference in a K161 and K181 block?. I know the bores are the same but not sure if 100% interchangeable. Is the K161 shorter due to the stroke? I have a spare block that I intend to keep for spare in case my K181 poops out in the 110 but I don't...
  9. Round Fendered Tractors
    Hi folks, Just bought a 65 110, as is traditional in the 'niche hobby forum' etiquette, I will trade my extended story with high quality cell phone images for questions and advice. Story first. questions, of which you will surely tire quickly, at the end. So I was browsing FB market place and...
  10. FOR SALE
    Have two new old stock JD9306 bearings for sale would like $150 each that would include shipping. Matt
  11. Want To Buy
    Hi All, Looking to pickup a 110 Round Fender with Hydro lift. Doesn't have to be pretty. I'm located in Northern Virginia. Thanks.
  12. Introductions
    What’s going on? I’m Andrew and I just recently found a 72’ 110 and I’ve been restoring it slowly over the past few weeks. It has the 10HP engine and 47 inch mowing deck. Here’s what I’ve been working with, does anyone know the belt diagram for the deck and PTO help? The PTO isn’t doing much...
  13. Round Fendered Tractors
    Hello all, I am currently restoring a 1966 110 Round Fender. Picked it up for $100 because it needed a new coil pack. Got lucky I guess. So anyway I’ve noticed that one maybe two of the springs are not in the right position as one of them is connected to the rock shaft and the other two are...
  14. FOR SALE
    New Still in Envelope. 1973 140 Deck Decals $5+$1/shipping (originally $15.00) 1964 110 Deck Decals $10+$1/shipping (originally $25.00) Buy both and I'll cover shipping. PM me your interest, I'll PM you my paypal addr and ship out ASAP. Shipping from 53149
  15. FOR SALE
    This pile is left over from my father's estate, and sadly has been sitting in my office too long. Here's the list of what I have... $5+$1 shipping each, or 5 for $20+$3 shipping, or All for $60 + $7 shipping. Shipping prices are USPS Media Mail to lower 48. Brinley Garden Tractor...
  16. Gear Drive Tractors
    This has probably already been a topic on here hundreds of times, but I recently picked up a John Deere 110 for $150. Has the 10HP Kohler cast iron option. Hood was shot so I'm picking a new one up soon. Tractor needed some carb work but got the engine running with little trouble. Tractor...
  17. Gear Drive Tractors
    Hi all, I am currently re-wiring my 1972 110 with the koler 10h . i cant seem to find a diagram anywhere online to help me. does anyone happen to had a picture of on they could send me. thanks in advance!
  18. Want To Buy
    I'm in need of 110 Round Fender Variator Linkage. Item numbers 10-23 in the part image included with posting. I'm in southeastern Wisconsin, but these items are small so I'd be ok working out a shipping option. Thanks, jd49mc
  19. Introductions
    Hello, I am a third-generation John Deere enthusiast living in northern Minnesota. My family's love affair with green and yellow tractors began in 1949 when my grandfather purchased a new "BW" for the family farm in Michigan. An "A" was added in the mid-50's. My dad enjoyed driving these...
  20. Round Fendered Tractors
    Hi I am new to the site and need some help with my 1964 110. After sitting in the shed all winter I put a good battery in it and turned the key and nothing happened. I jumped the starter and it started and ran. I have voltage to the coil when the key is turned on and when it is turned to...
1-20 of 38 Results