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112 rf

  1. 66' 112 Hydraulic Lift in the Crosshairs

    Round Fendered Tractors
    Hello Fellow WFM'ers, Up to this point, I've been eyeballing anything John Deere and 1991 or older. A few models have caught my eye and have made it to my imaginary "to collect" list. A 110H or 112H round fender is on this list. I'm just starting a family at this point and would...
  2. Brahma's '67 112 RF restro and repower

    Round Fendered Tractors
    *****I will admit this is gonna be my first attempt at restoring a lawn tractor. So please, PLEASE, dont be afraid to point out tricks to help/save me. (it might be badly needed) ***** With that said, on with the show! Overall the 112 is in decent shape for its age, expect the deck is beyond...