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  1. SOLD - Cab, Blower, Weights, Chains JD 140 $1000

    I have a cab and blower setup to sell that came off my 1974 JD 140 H1. It is a Cozy Cab and JD blower. Package includes wheel weights, chains and all mounts for cab and blower. Located zip 56362. Thanks for looking! $1000
  2. 140 H3, attachment, and implement package - $4,500

    Serial # < 30,000 Re-powered by http://www.jimsrepairjimstractors.com/john-deere-garden-tractor.htm with a vanguard 18hp v-twin Original Kohler 14hp engine included New front/rear hydraulic couplers Alternate hydraulic setup to raise / lower front or rear mounted attachments separately...
  3. 1969 140 K321 Gasket Set

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I'm doing some engine work on my 140 engine. Will this gasket set work? It says it's for the Kohler K321 and at face value looks to contain the same gaskets as the one from JD and others for quite bit less money. Any insight would be appreciated.
  4. Decals (new, originally from Hapco)

    New Still in Envelope. 1973 140 Deck Decals $5+$1/shipping (originally $15.00) 1964 110 Deck Decals $10+$1/shipping (originally $25.00) Buy both and I'll cover shipping. PM me your interest, I'll PM you my paypal addr and ship out ASAP. Shipping from 53149
  5. JD Literature For Sale!

    This pile is left over from my father's estate, and sadly has been sitting in my office too long. Here's the list of what I have... $5+$1 shipping each, or 5 for $20+$3 shipping, or All for $60 + $7 shipping. Shipping prices are USPS Media Mail to lower 48. Brinley Garden Tractor...
  6. 140 H3 originality...AND a short purchase window! Help?

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Hi there, First time poster with an opportunity at a '68 140 H3, serial is something like 02036. Browsing pics of the 140 I notice some have dual brake pedals. When did they do this? Was it an option? When did they put the notch in the frame for the points? The serial seems too low for this...
  7. Original sales receipt for 1968 140 and attachments

    Non-Technical Vintage John Deere Garden Tractors
    For you history buffs, I recently located the original sales receipt for a 1968 140 H3 and attachments purchased new in March 1968 by my grandfather. The tractor, 48 rotary mower, 54" front blade with angle kit and 33 rotary tiller totaled $2,056 ... ~$14,800 in 2018 dollars. The tractor and...
  8. 1968 John Deere 140 H3 Package – Northern Minnesota – $800

    I am selling this nearly all-original 1968 John Deere 140 H3 (serial number 3857 M) with its four original attachments, all owned since new by my family. Tractor was used mostly for mowing grass and removing snow at a suburban Minneapolis home. All equipment was always stored in a shed or...
  9. Finally got one!

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I have aquired what I believe is a 140 H-1. It has no tag and got a little warm in a fire. I want to determine an estimated year by the components. I.e. engine, brakes, frame. I have all of the 140 parts books as well as a 120 parts book. Any suggestions on major deffirences to look for? I am...
  10. High back seat sale $140

    Our High Back Seats are fully licensed and authenticated by John Deere Corp. and we are celebrating the 50 Year anniversary of the model 140 by offering our seats for $140. Made for the true collector who demands the best for their quality restoration. Only available from HAPCO Parts. Make it...
  11. John Deere 430 + Attachments

    I have for sale a John Deere 430 and attachments (cab, 4-way hydraulic front blade, 60 inch deck, 3 point hitch, rear box blade and other attachments). Located in Southeast Missouri-Cape Girardeau. Please view full listing with pictures at...
  12. Wanted: 140 H3 near MN

    Want To Buy
    I'm looking for a 140 H3 in or around MN. Let me know what you've got! I'm okay with work/restoration needed. Currently looking for a winter project to finish and use next spring. Blower and tiller attachments would be great, too! Thanks!
  13. 140 Dies after 30 minutes

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    My 140 died on me after 30 minutes of mowing. I've read threads on here before about the coil being bad, so I threw a new one on and still no spark. It will crank and has plenty of gas, but no spark. This happened last week and I trouble shot for about two hours checking voltage to the...
  14. Round Fender 110/112, 140 H3

    Want To Buy
    I am in search of John deere 110/112 round fender tractors with or without attachments. Also would like to purchase (1) 140 H3. I am interested in any round fender but would love the opportunity to purchase a 1963 or 1964 round fender 110. I am located in Lancaster Pa, am willing to travel...
  15. Help!

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Hey y'all. I've got two options. I can get a 140 H3 with headlights and everything (no deck) for $500 or a JD 400 with a deck for $700. It may seem like a no-brainer but the 400 is over 3 hours away and finding attachments for them are so hard. I would like to have a mower tractor that I could...
  16. Has anybody every retrofitted a MCS off a 332 to a 140?

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Found a MCS for sale that came off a 332. It's powered by it's own engine. Has anybody ever retrofitted one of these successfully to a 140?
  17. 140 with K341 runs/mows for a while then can't get enough fuel

    General Repair
    I pulled a 140 out of the shed which had been sitting for quite a while. Bought it quite a while back and never used it. Someone has mounted a K341 AQS on it. I rebuilt the carb (Carter #30) which included replacing the high speed needle (old one was bent on the end). The replacement needle came...
  18. Cat 0 3 pt Hitch

    Refurbished Cat 0 3 Point hitch for a JD 300This was Originally from a 140. I cut the notch in it so it would fit my 300.New Top link $500 I am located in Washington County PA
  19. selling my 318 and 140s with Johnson loader

    It's time to thin the herd. I have for sale the following: 318 is a 1983 with 922 hours and includes 50 inch mower deck, power flow bagger, snow thrower, wheel weights, model 10 lawn/dump cart. Next are 2 – 140s. Both are 1968 models. One is good running and the other is my parts tractor...
  20. 140 Battery Ground

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Hey all, sorry if this is a dumb question. Where does the original battery negative connect to the frame on a 140 (specifically a 1973)? Mine the cable isn't original, and I'm pretty sure it's not routed correctly. It's connected to an engine cover bolt, above the starter. I'll post a pic when i...