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  1. 1964 John Deere 110 all Orig.

    I have a really nice 1964 J-D 110 . It is all original 1 owner and was in storage on blocks for over 20 + years. It has the headlights, weights and rear hitch. It is a 3- speed and 3 bolt rear. The hood is very nice and the seat is mint (had cover since new) I have the deck in fair condition . I...
  2. 1964 (SN 5659) 110 in St. Louis MO - missing some parts - $250

    When my grandfather passed away, I inherited his old JD 110 round fender that has been sitting in a barn for years. Some less than nice folks stole the round fenders, seat, and possibly grill from the tractor while it was in the barn. I am uncertain in the condition of the engine, as I have...