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  1. Wanted Transaxle Parts 1966 John Deere 110H Transaxle Parts

    Want To Buy
    Hello, The time has come to open the transaxle and rebuild it. I have a 1966 John Deere 110H (Serial Number SNT1032061956M). I'm looking to purchase all the parts on the inside of the transaxle. Gears, retainer springs, everything. It is the Tecumseh/Peerless trans axle. Would Anyone out...
  2. SOLD: 1966 JD 110H With 38" Mower Deck With lights

    With a sad heart I am putting my 1966 JD 110H up for sale. I have owned it for over 20 years. Rebuild cast iron Kohler, Rebuilt hydraulic pump. Many parts replaced over the years such as deck spindles, front axle bushings, tie rod ends and a lot more. Replaced factory steering wheel...