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  1. WTB John Deere 210 - 46" mower deck

    Want To Buy
    Hey all - been awhile since I've been on here but I recently bought some land and need a 2nd mower to get it all cut. My dad still has the 210 I used when I was a kid but got rid of the rotted deck. Anybody help me find one? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. 210 variator adjustment bolt slipping?

    Gear Drive Tractors
    Hi all, New to the forum and new to the John Deere community with a 1980 210. The tractor is in good shape, but I have been going through it to make sure there aren't any loose nuts or screws and that the belts are adjusted appropriately. I adjusted the variator based on the instructions in the...
  3. 1977 John Deere 210 hydraulic lift pump pulley needed

    Gear Drive Tractors
    Looking for suggestions on where to buy a lift pump pulley for my JD210. Have searched the local garden tractor salvage yards with no success and John Deere quit stocking that part in 1991 according to my dealer. I've attached a pic of the part I'm looking for, think it was used on the 210, 212...
  4. 210 engine pics

    Gear Drive Tractors
    Hi, can anyone share some good pics of an assembled K241 in a 210, serial range 70,000? I am helping a friend that tore his rotator cuff and has had surgery to reassemble his engine. He took it apart last winter before he got hurt. He isn't able to really work on the engine yet - still in...
  5. Finished Building My Rear Blade For My 210 - Just In Time for the Snow

    Gear Drive Tractors
    Howdy All I thought I would share with you my latest and greatest. It is a rear blade for my 210. I have to drive backwards to use it but that's OK as the 37-A will be my primary weapon of choice! Today I re-fabbed the lift handle as my previous attempt of using a shorter handle resulted...
  6. 210 unknown sticker on hood

    Gear Drive Tractors
    Anyone familiar with this sticker that is on the 210 I inherited from my grandfather? I have not been able to find any info about it as of yet, hoping someone here could shed some light on it. Thanks!
  7. John Deere 210 Garden Tractor $550 (Cedar Falls, IA)

    1982 (S/N C210L 192098) JD 210 with 39” mower deck w/ sharpened blades, new battery, new points, new ignition switch, recent deck drive belt, newer seat. Runs and mows fine. Equipped with front attachment lift, so it’s ready for a snow blower or a blade. I can include electronic copies of the...
  8. 200 Series Accessories (Cab, Blower, Plow, Hitch, etc)

    Want To Buy
    I am looking to buy the following accessories. I am only looking for items in very good condition. Cab 37a Blower 43 Plow 43c Belly Blade Integral Hitch Must be willing to ship (or be located in Atlantic Canada) Let me know what you have!
  9. In need of older 210 inspection and purchase guidance

    Gear Drive Tractors
    New to the forum and vintage tractors. Am taking a look at a 210 with an early serial number. Allegedly doesnt burn oil or leak, runs well and has been garage kept. Paint in pics seems to confirm indoor storage. Other than standard small engine issues, anything to watch out for? Comes with a...
  10. Newb - 1983 210 - Restoration in Process

    Gear Drive Tractors
    Longtime lurker, but recently decided to join the club and bought myself a 1982 210. I bought it off Craigslist here in NC for about $600 - I probably paid a little too much, but to be honest it was in really good mechanical condition and just needed a little TLC to get her to look good. I put...