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  1. 260 Cat 0 Rear Mower

    260 Rear Finish Mower, it is complete with 2000 RPM driveshaft. Has some pitting and rust holes under the shielding around the spindles but would be usable as is. My dad picked it up thinking it was a CAT 1 mower, we don't have a 2000 RPM garden tractor to run this mower. Located near Fort...
  2. 1990 322, Ruegg 3 PT, 49 Snowthrower, Scoop Tote, Front Quick Hitch (MN)

    1990 JD 322, dual hydraulics, 3 cylinder Yanmar gas engine, >1650 hours, Bar tires, includes new grill, battery, TM1591 and CTM12 Reference Manual on CD $1300 Model 49 Single stage snow thrower, short chute $350 Ruegg 3 point hitch $300 50" Mid Mount Rotary Mower with draft arms $300...