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  1. Looking for a shaft for a 47 2 stage snowblower

    John Deere and Allied Attachments
    anybody know of where to find a M85157 Shaft for a 322 snowblower? or did they update all the drive and mounting
  2. Throttle lever & cable replacement 322

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Is there an easy removal for the lever without cutting the thumb grip off? Cable snapped right below the pivot point on the lever...🤨
  3. Differential from 332

    I've got a differential that came out of an '89 332. Nothing wrong with it, no leaks. I just upgraded to the 2-speed w/locker, now it sits on the floor needing a home. Average of top 8 results on ebay is $136 shipped, so I'll say $100 is my price. Located in SE Michigan. Willing to drive...
  4. FOR SALE: Mint Condition 1989 John Deere 332 Diesel - $3,500

    Classic John Deere 332 Garden Tractor in excellent condition, with only 371 original hours. The 332 features a liquid cooled Yanmar diesel engine, hydraulic deck lift as well as 2 sets hydraulic remotes in the front for attachments, power steering, and a hydrostatic transmission. The 332 is the...
  5. 318 Snow Package (Blower, Cab, Chains, Wheel Weights)

    I have a nice Snowblower, Cab, 2 sets of weights and 2 sets of chains. Asking $500 for the blower, $500 for the cab, $50 for each set of weights, and $50 for each set of chains. $1000 takes all real fast. If you buy all I'll throw in a real old, beat up, bent, cutting edge welded on, front...
  6. 322 Restored!

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Restoration complete. Lots of hours and about eight weeks to complete.
  7. New Member from New Brunswick, Canada

    My new to me and soon to be restored 1988 John Deere 322. Engine reassembled, detailed and painted.
  8. John Deere 322 stalls when hot, restarts 20 min later

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Hello, I've been having trouble with a JD 322 i purchased recently. Its a 700 hour machine and seemed clean, starts up fine and runs well. However once it has been working for up to a half hour or so and is "hot" it will quit dead with no warning. Immediately after it will not start, just turn...
  9. John Deere 430 in Western Maryland, ready for snow.

    Hi All, I offer my 430 for your viewing pleasure.. also for sale. I am thinning the herd and will post a 332 as well. Come get both! This tractor works great and needs nothing. It could use a throttle nob and a hose for the plow. I wired a 12 volt hot and ground for the 3 point hitch. I...
  10. 1990 322, Ruegg 3 PT, 49 Snowthrower, Scoop Tote, Front Quick Hitch (MN)

    1990 JD 322, dual hydraulics, 3 cylinder Yanmar gas engine, >1650 hours, Bar tires, includes new grill, battery, TM1591 and CTM12 Reference Manual on CD $1300 Model 49 Single stage snow thrower, short chute $350 Ruegg 3 point hitch $300 50" Mid Mount Rotary Mower with draft arms $300...
  11. John Deere 322 & 50" deck

    For Sale: 1990 John Deere 322 garden tractor with 50" deck, 3 Cylinder Yanmar gas engine, good hydro, 2 sets of hydraulic ports on the front, bar tires on the rear, like new Oregon mulcher blades (sharpened) and extra set of low profile blades, 1192 hours. Machine has been serviced (engine...
  12. 322 from Presque Isle to Augusta or Freeport, ME

    Move It
    I have a 322 with mower that needs be moved from Presque Isle to ideally Freeport but could meet with someone in the Augusta Maine area. Happy to cover cost of fuel and throw in some extra for the help. Email is [email protected] Thanks Steve
  13. Model 30 Tiller + 12" extension for 318

    Model 30 Hydraulic Tiller + 12" Extension with all mounting brackets for 318. Not as nice as the NOS that Layne has posted but this appears to have plenty of life left in it. I'd say that the tines are about 50% (except for 1 that is broke). Asking $1,200 obo. I also have #49 snowthrower...
  14. Is a jd 445 3 point hitch same as a jd 322/318?

    John Deere Lawn Tractors & Late Garden Tractors
    Will a 3 point hitch from a JD 445 fit a JD 322? Thanks! Paul
  15. JD 44 loader for 316, 318, 322, 332.

    I have for sale the 44 loader off my JD 318. Includes loader, subframe, pump, rear weight box and brackets, and cement 55 pound rear wheel weights. Complete setup. Works fine, only removed because I bought a 420 with a loadwr. Will not break up. $3000.00 for everything. Located in southeast GA...
  16. WWJD-D What Would John Deere Do? 110 RF!

    Non-Technical Vintage John Deere Garden Tractors
    Morning all! So I have a problem and his name is Charlie, a 1966 110, unmolested- I am the second owner. All shields, headlights, tail light, integral hitch. I have deck (I re-built) , front blade, snow blower, 80 cart. We moved and went from about 8,000 sqft of lawn to 22,000 sqft lawn - 30...
  17. 322 hydro for sale

    322 hydro for sale, thought mine was going bad bought a running take out, turns out mine was fine. 400.00 OBO can ship or pick up located in Ankeny Iowa 515 577 0320
  18. Rear hydraulic kit 332 322 318

    I have a rear hydraulic kit I bought for a 322, it is an aftermarket with the steel lines, comes with tees, lines, hydraulic couplings, bracket, etc. thought it would be handy to have rear hydraulic set up, but never got around to installing it, $150.00 can be shipped UPS/Fed ex price based on...
  19. In over my head - that didn't take long.

    General Repair
    So I have a 1987 JD 322 lawn tractor with a 50" mowing deck. My mower has been making a horrendous noise the last couple of times I mowed. So I took the mower off flipped it over and wiggled the blades and the leftmost hub was dancing like a hula girl. So today I went to the JD parts store to...
  20. Rear Wheel Weights fitting 322 vs. X585

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I have a 322 with standard 23x10.5-12 tires (12x8.5 rims). I am looking at buying 50 pound iron double notch rear wheel weights off a JD X585 that has 26x12-12 tires (12x9.5 rims). Will the weights fit my 322? The part numbers are different on the JDParts site but the weights look identical...