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  1. 420/430 Attachments

    Selling my 430's attachments I would prefer to sell them as a unit, but I can split them up. 54" 4-way blade: works good, has a loose fitting on the lift cylinder causing a slight leak, had a new skid plate put on last year. $500 OBO 50" deck: mows excellent, it is a little bent on the eject...
  2. 47" chest freezer blower barely shooting snow past the tractor

    John Deere and Allied Attachments
    I picked up a 47" blower late this summer. I was excited to get it. I've got the 46 and a 54" blade but always wanted the 47 mounted to the front of my JD420. We got our first snow last night... not much only a couple 2-3" and I set out to test it out. The snow coming out of the shoot was...
  3. JD 420 Hot PTO coil

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Have a John Deere 420 - 1983. Seems that the front PTO coil is getting excessively hot. One burned up in June & I replaced it. Now the new one is also getting hot. The unit runs for about a half hour before the smell becomes noticeable. I have checked and rechecked the gap on the friction...
  4. John deere 430 with 60"

    I have a 430 I bought in a lot of other tractor items at a barn sale. The other items I got where what i wanted, the 430 was just part of the package. This tractor has set in a barn for awhile. I brought it home installed a new starter and a new battery, tractor fired right up. Glow plugs works...
  5. Proud new owner of an '87 420!

    I was recently gifted an '87 420 from my fiance's grandparents (original owners). This is my first JD and my first real "toy" so I'm really excited to learn all about it! It has a few cosmetic issues, but is mechanically sound and the engine PURRRRRRRRS. It came with a 60" mowing deck...
  6. Model 50 Snowblower for a 400, 420 or 430 $600

    For sale near Mpls MN, a Model 50 snowblower with the added mount to allow use with the newer 420/430 tractors. Needs the correct shaft for a 400 or 420/430. The 430 also requires a frame extender/shaft. Auger is in great shape and appears to have had very little use, everything spins smooth...
  7. WTB JD 420/430 50" deck

    Want To Buy
    Hello, I am in search of a 50" deck for my 430 that i recently bought. It came with a 60" deck for a JD 400, and I do not want it because it does not mount correctly to my 430. If anyone has a 50" relativly close to me or wants to trade for my 400 deck let me know. My zipcode is 22030. Thanks
  8. Quiz - Deere 420 Where does starter connector wire go?

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    In putting rebuilt engine back in - lost track of where this wire (Onan P220G / Deere 420) on the starter terminal block, was connected. Think it is ground (black), and size of hole suggests larger bolt... but its length doesn't reach anything obvious (that I recall). Have 1 photo, which...
  9. onan t260g engine

    FOR SALE: t260g onan engine with low compression. Came out of a F930. I repowered with a different engine. Newer starter, and carb. Have a gasket kit for it. Complete engine . $200. We took this out 5 years ago, and have lost the mounting bolts for the tin. Still hunting for them! I have...
  10. 420 Electrical issues wont start

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I am in need of some help on my 420. I recently received it from my father. When I brought it home it ran great, very strong. I parked it in the garage but when I went to move it to the barn for short term storage it would not start. I removed the starter and tested it on the bench with no luck...
  11. 420 front PTO issues

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Hi Everyone, I am having a problem with the front pto on my 420, the pto light stays on even before engaging it and soon as I do the engine stalls out as increase throttle. I have checked the air gaps on the pto and adjusted them. Im thinking its an issue with the TDCM and im wondering if anyone...
  12. JD 420; 60" mower, 3-point hitch, wheel weights

    I believe it is a 1984 model. Location --- Pacific, MO 63069 (about 45 minutes from St. Louis) John Deere 420 Short-blocked 20 HP Onan engine 60" mower deck 3-point hitch with bar and ball as shown in pictures 48" grader blade optional to sell with tractor Wheel Weights 1072 hours...
  13. Alternative Cab Mounting

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I just bought a cab for my 420 and I really don't want to drill into my fenders because they are in really good shape. I have seen others buy an spare fender deck and drill that one for the cab. I have had no luck in finding one had not having to swap fender decks does sound appealing to me. I...
  14. Throttle cable? JD 420 repowered with B&S 23 HP Vanguard

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I have a JD 420 that was repowered with a Briggs and Stratton 23 HP Vanguard. The throttle cable is broke. What throttle cable is everyone using? The factory one will not work.
  15. 420 Must Prime Carb with Fuel - to Start - after 2+ days sitting

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    '92 420 with Onan P220, if after 2+ days I haven't started it, the Carb must be primed with fuel for it to start. Starting/Stopping on same day is fine/works well. -Been happening for 6+ months -Fuel filter has been replaced twice (it is good). However it is always empty. Even after it is...
  16. Hydraulic Tilt Dump Collection System for 300/400 series tractors

    Hi everyone, my dad is selling his Deere material collection system that came with his 430. He's selling the complete system including the rear PTO complete assembly, the rear mounting brackets, and the deck boot to match a 60" deck with the tilt dump system. Everything works as it should...
  17. Titan Carlisle Multi Trac CS Tires - 26X12-12 VA - or Shipped

    In my recent JD bundle I got a set of 4 ply 26x12-12 Titan Carlisle Multi Trac C/S tires. They are branded as Titan but Titan owns Carlisle. These were stored in a building for I have no clue how long. They are dirty but they do not look like they have ever been mounted. They do have some...
  18. 420 430 power angle snow plow blade - Virginia

    54 Inch 4 way (power angle) snow plow blade for a 420 or a 430. Works! I'm in Lynchburg, Virginia. 2 hrs from Greensboro NC, Raleigh NC, Richmond VA 3 hours from DC. $500 or would do some trading.
  19. 400 to 420 Snowthrower Swap

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Hello, I have a 1980 400 with a 60" mower deck and model 50 snow thrower. I wanted to upgrade and found a 1990 420. It has a 60" mower deck but no snow blower/thrower. I want to put the 400 snow thrower on the 420. I have seen pictures of model 50 snow throwers for the 420, but I'm guessing...
  20. Rear pto clutch

    Rear pto clutch purchased from local John Deere dealer in winchester va last march used it one summer to run a rear mower then the outdrive coupling failed, so rather than sink a bunch of money into another rear pto I just put the belly mower back on.clutch has less that 30 hours on it. Paid...