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  1. Want To Buy
    Looking for a rear PTO complete for my 430 any help would be great.
  2. 430

    Want To Buy
    I'm looking for a 430 in the MA/ North East area. PM me what you have. Thanks.
    Selling my 430's attachments I would prefer to sell them as a unit, but I can split them up. 54" 4-way blade: works good, has a loose fitting on the lift cylinder causing a slight leak, had a new skid plate put on last year. $500 OBO 50" deck: mows excellent, it is a little bent on the eject...
  4. Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Howdy all, I'm in the market for an older style John Deere to cut my yard (about an acre) but also wanting to add a loader to do some work around the place with. Researching the different models, I think a 318 or 332 would be best for the lawn work but I figure a 430 will handle a loader better...
  5. Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I have a jd 430 with a cozy cab that i am fixing up. The insulation on the roof panel is falling apart. What kind of stuff is everyone using to replace this stuff?
  6. Want To Buy
    Looking for a 44 loader with all attachment pieces to attach to my 430. Need something that is either ready to use or needs minor work that will get me past my fall clean up before the work has to be done to it. If it’s close to Atlanta I can pick it up otherwise am willing to pay to ship...
    I have a 430 I bought in a lot of other tractor items at a barn sale. The other items I got where what i wanted, the 430 was just part of the package. This tractor has set in a barn for awhile. I brought it home installed a new starter and a new battery, tractor fired right up. Glow plugs works...
  8. Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    My new to me 430. John Deere 430 Mowing Tall Stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3GtVtFEPS4
  9. Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Finally got my 430 last spring. Had a few interesting times sorting this & that, then it was a JOY to mow 5 acres in 4 hours or less! This summer tho, i noticed that my 30 year old had taken up smoking. A LOT more than i was accustomed to. After changing the oil, I started the engine to...
  10. FOR SALE
    1991 John Deere 430 $3750 or best. It has 1171 hrs on a working meter. It has Trupowers on the back and Vredestein V61’s on the front. Has a OEM John Deere 3 point. I have replaced the transfer pump on it and replaced the pickup hose in the fuel tank. Also added the tool box and handles from...
  11. Want To Buy
    Hi, looking for a frame extension for my 1992 430, anyone have one for sale? Thanks Mitch
  12. Introductions
    Hey everyone, new here from MN. I've picked up a lot of useful information over the years from this site, and finally joined so I can hopefully help others. I've got an older JD 430 with single stage blower, hydraulic blade, 60" deck, and cat 1 hitch with drawbar and suitcase weights. It's an...
  13. John Deere Lawn Tractors & Late Garden Tractors
    Gentlemen, i am new to the forum. I'm currently in the process of finding a new but old tractor. I've been doing a lot of research and am having a hard time decide whether i should buy a 430 or a 455. I have found multiple machines with fairly low hours. I will be using it to cut about 4 acres...
  14. FOR SALE
    Location Kansas City Missouri I have two 430’s listed as packages, but it may be worth seeing if there is enough interest in parting one out. The machine being considered is a 1991 430 with about 1280 hours and rising. I have 4 Deere’s and 3 additional mowers and rotate working each, so hours...
  15. FOR SALE
    Location Kansas City Missouri p.m. with a phone # to start conversation I am going to part with one of my beloved JD 430 garden tractors to help with my business. I need to generate some money to put into my small business, so one of my machines will have to find a new home. I will sell one...
  16. FOR SALE
    I have for sale a John Deere 430 and attachments (cab, 4-way hydraulic front blade, 60 inch deck, 3 point hitch, rear box blade and other attachments). Located in Southeast Missouri-Cape Girardeau. Please view full listing with pictures at...
  17. FOR SALE
    John deere 420 power angle blade tire chains weight bracket and weights 2300 hrs, engine runs good but does have tap, believe its valves i use this often for snow, tap hasn't gotten worse lights work front grille missing hydraulics work but are a little slow side to side solid tractor no mower...
  18. FOR SALE
    John Deere 330 Diesel Garden Tractor, 2500 hours, starts and runs nice, 38" mower deck, does have a charging issue, can send pictures from my phone. $850.00. I also have a gearbox for a JD 430 garden tractor, $350.00 and JD 400 engine parts starter, carb, a governor part, $150. I will ship gear...
  19. John Deere and Allied Attachments
    I am running a 47" snowblower on a 430 garden tractor. After several seconds of blowing snow, the auger and paddles lock up, and the front PTO makes a horrendous clattering sound while trying to turn the blower shaft (which is locked up tight). After I clear the snow from the blower and chute...
  20. FOR SALE
    Hi All, I offer my 430 for your viewing pleasure.. also for sale. I am thinning the herd and will post a 332 as well. Come get both! This tractor works great and needs nothing. It could use a throttle nob and a hose for the plow. I wired a 12 volt hot and ground for the 3 point hitch. I...
1-20 of 39 Results