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    I have an JD OEM 44 loader grill guard that I bought sometime in the last two years. I refinished it and was going to put on my 318 with my 44 loader. I have since sold the tractor and loader, and I have this grill guard for sale. I stripped the grill guard down to bare metal, primed it and...
    $175 USD
    I recently acquired an x595 and a 45 loader, so its time to sell my 318 with 44 loader. The tractor has 1865 hours on it, I got it from my brother in law in Nov of 2019 with 1806 hours. Those 60 hours have been snowblowing over 1 winter in 2020-2021, and using the 44 loader. In Jan of 2021...
    $4,900 USD
    (SOLD). Very nice John Deere 420 with the John Deere 44 Loader. 580 hours on the working hour meter. Wheel weights and large weight box included. 3 Point hitch and excellent tires. Original manuals and sale receipt included. $6,350 OBO. Located near Lincoln, NE 68516 Email me at...
  4. Want To Buy
    Looking for a 44 loader with all attachment pieces to attach to my 430. Need something that is either ready to use or needs minor work that will get me past my fall clean up before the work has to be done to it. If it’s close to Atlanta I can pick it up otherwise am willing to pay to ship...
  5. Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I have a 318 with 44 loader that leaks out the right rear onto the rear tire. From those who have done this what am I looking at? How far in the removal of the 44 loader will I have to go? I know that I will need to remove the rear weight attachment that I made. Do I need to remove the subframe...
    I have a 44 loader mounted to a 318. Looking for $2500 Also Selling: Rear PTO 2000 $750 factory 3 pt Hitch $350 plow $150 roller $150 46" Mower Deck $300 Tractor $1800
1-6 of 6 Results