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  1. Want To Buy
    Looking for a set of mounting brackets for a 53c Center mount blade. (AM33246 & Am33247) PM if you can help.
  2. Want To Buy
    Wanted - 4" Stroke Hyd Cylinder AM31362 for 54C angle or 54" Front Blade Lift/Angle I am in need of a hydraulic cylinder for my 54C belly blade. I've checked the part numbers from Deere and the cylinder is AM31362. The cylinders are the same for either cylinder on a 120/140 or 3-- series snow...
  3. John Deere and Allied Attachments
    Hello WFM'ers, I just had a friend who commutes a considerable amount go check on (and buy) a 54C blade for me. I have been looking for either a 3pt setup to use a back blade with or a 54C for a little while. Since my machine is an H3, I was after a hydraulic angle blade but ran...
  4. Non-Technical Vintage John Deere Garden Tractors
    Hello WFM'ers, I'm in need of opinions from those that use a 140 for gravel maintenance (or 300/312/314). I am wanting to aquire (or make) either a 54" belly blade or run a 4' box blade for my John Deere 140H3. It will be primarliy for gravel maintenance, but would also be nice to...
1-4 of 4 Results