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  1. WTB: B43G engine in OK shape...

    Want To Buy
    The B43G engine in my 1983 318 runs well, but burns a bunch of oil, so I want to rebuild it. But, instead of tearing it all apart and putting my 318 out of commission for a while, I was looking to see if I could buy a 2nd engine and rebuild that. I was hoping that someone here has a engine...
  2. WTB - decent running Onan B43G for a 318

    Want To Buy
    Need an Onan B43G in good running condition. If you have a P218G, would be interested as well, but would need the driveshaft too. Hoping to find something close(ish) to the Canadian border (I'm in Ontario close to Toronto), or someone willing to ship (more ideal). Thanks!
  3. Chasing a surge

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Hi all, I've got a situation that's stumped me, but more importantly, has stumped my uncle who has 50+ years of experience with small engines. Here's the situation: I have a surge in my 316. It has the Onan B43G in it. The engine is fresh. It was originally a generator and never got used...