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    Selling my 430's attachments I would prefer to sell them as a unit, but I can split them up. 54" 4-way blade: works good, has a loose fitting on the lift cylinder causing a slight leak, had a new skid plate put on last year. $500 OBO 50" deck: mows excellent, it is a little bent on the eject...
    1989 John Deere 316 for sale. Onan P218G engine with 635 hrs. Excellent mechanical condition. We have 90 apple trees, and I need to go to a zero turn mower. This unit has always been a back up mower for a 322, and I've put about 100 hrs on it in the past 10 years. 46" Deck is in good shape...
    Located in Stamford, NY My tractor for the last 14 years.. it's been great, I need to go bigger/newer. M00313X488529 Looking for $2500 picked up for the whole package... will do $2400 for members here. https://oneonta.craigslist.org/for/d/stamford-1988-deere-318-mower-blower/6908858509.html...
  4. John Deere and Allied Attachments
    Hello All, I have an '88 332 with a 54 blade, dual hydraulics. I swear that my blade over travels to the right. It will crash into the bracket that the up/down cylinder attaches to. Conversely, it doesn't travel far enough to the left. I can't really push snow to the left but more forward...
    Original suspension seat. Very solid, nice condition. I am willing to sell or trade for a non-suspension version. Asking $425 outright. Other 318 things I might have for sale coming up, are a 4-way blade, 48c deck (The modern one), and 318 with fresh Honda repower. 318 would have to sell...
    316 with 50" mower, 54" blade, 5' Lime Feeder, Single Bottom Plow and 3 Point Hitch 316 with 50" mower, 54" blade, 5' Lime Feeder, Single Bottom Plow and 3 Point Hitch (Installed). 1987 John Deere JD-316 $1,200.00 Onan P218G engine replacement, rebuilt hydrostatic pump, newer front...
    1978 316 Kohler. Engine was rebuilt 5-6 years ago. Little use since. I rebuilt mule drive a while back. Has old style JD hubcaps on front. With deck $850 obo I moved to location with a steep driveway. Chains were scratching up drive. That & shoulder surgeries had me move into 4wd machine with...
    1982 (S/N C210L 192098) JD 210 with 39” mower deck w/ sharpened blades, new battery, new points, new ignition switch, recent deck drive belt, newer seat. Runs and mows fine. Equipped with front attachment lift, so it’s ready for a snow blower or a blade. I can include electronic copies of the...
  9. Want To Buy
    Hi All, I am new to the forum and hopefully this is not a duplicate thread. I am looking for a snow thrower for my 165 Hyrdo. Does anyone know where I can find one?
  10. FOR SALE
    I've got a quick hitch and 54 Blade that came with a 318 I just purchased. No need for either one so they're up for sale. Excellent condition, see pictures. $900 North Cincinnati PM your phone number if interested. -Andy
  11. Want To Buy
    Doing a rebuild and need one (or two for the right price) blade drive pully. Rocky 307-214-2424
  12. FOR SALE
    54 Inch 4 way (power angle) snow plow blade for a 420 or a 430. Works! I'm in Lynchburg, Virginia. 2 hrs from Greensboro NC, Raleigh NC, Richmond VA 3 hours from DC. $500 or would do some trading.
  13. Want To Buy
    I am looking for a blade assembly to convert my JD 185 Hydro so I can push snow this winter.
  14. Want To Buy
    Hello WFM'ers I am in northern Indiana and would like to find an unmodified 54C center blade, 140 cab in good condition (either soft or hard side), and a model 80 cart within a few hour's drive of the 46996 zip code. Condition dictates price for me. Pictures are a big plus...
  15. Non-Technical Vintage John Deere Garden Tractors
    Hello WFM'ers, I'm in need of opinions from those that use a 140 for gravel maintenance (or 300/312/314). I am wanting to aquire (or make) either a 54" belly blade or run a 4' box blade for my John Deere 140H3. It will be primarliy for gravel maintenance, but would also be nice to...
1-15 of 16 Results