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    Runs great. Does not smoke. New carb. New muffler Engine plate has cracks. Very nice condition otherwise. I have it on craigslist. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/grd/d/minneapolis-john-deere-1032/7453090521.html Pretty nice shape. Runs great. Non oxygenated fuel only Got curious about if...
    $200 USD
    I have a cab and blower setup to sell that came off my 1974 JD 140 H1. It is a Cozy Cab and JD blower. Package includes wheel weights, chains and all mounts for cab and blower. Located zip 56362. Thanks for looking! $1000
  3. John Deere and Allied Attachments
    Hi every one, I am new here and this is my first post and already learnt so much from the wealth of knowledge displayed in these forums. I have a 37A blower that I am restoring to use this coming winter and thought I would post the ups and down of said restore and any enlightenment's along the...
    Located in Stamford, NY My tractor for the last 14 years.. it's been great, I need to go bigger/newer. M00313X488529 Looking for $2500 picked up for the whole package... will do $2400 for members here. https://oneonta.craigslist.org/for/d/stamford-1988-deere-318-mower-blower/6908858509.html...
    49" Snow Blower - has new chain and new sprocket. Asking $450.00 USD Rear PTO - Good condition. Asking $600.00 USD Located outside of Springfield, MA Please call 413-654-6601
  6. John Deere and Allied Attachments
    I removed the two hydraulic hoses for the chute rotation on my 60" snowblower because they had failed. Afterwards, I noticed that a small disc had fallen out of one of the lines. I assume that it is an orifice disc, and must go into one of the fittings that connect to the blower. However, I am...
  7. John Deere and Allied Attachments
    I am running a 47" snowblower on a 430 garden tractor. After several seconds of blowing snow, the auger and paddles lock up, and the front PTO makes a horrendous clattering sound while trying to turn the blower shaft (which is locked up tight). After I clear the snow from the blower and chute...
  8. Want To Buy
    I'm looking for a 140 H3 in or around MN. Let me know what you've got! I'm okay with work/restoration needed. Currently looking for a winter project to finish and use next spring. Blower and tiller attachments would be great, too! Thanks!
    John Deere 400 serial # 120201M. All metal in good shape. Needs right side piston rod replaced. Engine has been removed for service. Tractor has a solid 60" mower with a newer belt and good blades. Also equipped with a factory 3point hitch with hydraulic lift. Tractor has 2 hydraulic...
  10. FOR SALE
    Cleaning the shed of some parts. I really, really do not want to ship any of this so local pickup only. 49 Blower chute rotation parts - all for $20 I converted my 49 blower to hydraulic rotation last fall and had these I no longer need. I think its complete except for the sleeve I had to...
  11. General Repair
    Following a head gasket leak on my rebuilt K321AQS and subsequent replacement of the head and gasket, I also cleaned out oil that was spewing from the blower. I replaced the gaskets, disassembled, then carefully put back together to ensure all the parts were in the right order and facing the...
  12. John Deere and Allied Attachments
    I finally found the time to change the manual chute rotation to hydraulic on my 49 thrower. I had been studying other options for some time, but went hydraulic and finished it up today. Here are some articles I bookmarked as I was researching which might be useful to others...
1-12 of 12 Results