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  1. 112 - Electric Lift, Variable Speed, Buccateer, Blade, Blower, weights/chains

    $1150 (Everything except for Buccateer bucket) This John Deere runs like a top and is in mint condition. Everything works as it should, and it comes with many accessories. This John Deere has a 12hp Kohler engine, it has electric lift to raise and lower all attachments, and also comes with...
  2. 1973 John Deere 112 Electric Lift , Buccateer, Blade, Blower, What is is worth??

    Gear Drive Tractors
    1973 John Deere 112 Electric Lift, Buccateer, Blade, Blower, What is is worth?? I am the second owner of this 112. This tractor is in very nice condition, and runs and operates flawlessly. I am pretty sure that machine has had a light refurbishing about 10-15 years ago. This 112 has a 12 hp...
  3. John Deere 112 electric lift - Buccateer - Blade - Blower

    Test Post Forum
    John Deere 112 Test Post. Hoping that these three photos show up as well. Looking to sell this tractor with all of the attachments. I am looking for advise to see what this tractor is worth. I am also looking for more information on this Buccateer attachment. If this test post works I will...