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  1. Want To Buy
    I’m looking for a cab enclosure for my John Deere 318. Im located in Westminster, MD 21157, but I am willing to make the drive, or send a pallet and payment to you for shipping. Also looking for a JD tow behind lawn cart, wheel weights, suitcase weights, 3 point, tiller, and really anything...
    I have a cab and blower setup to sell that came off my 1974 JD 140 H1. It is a Cozy Cab and JD blower. Package includes wheel weights, chains and all mounts for cab and blower. Located zip 56362. Thanks for looking! $1000
    Just bought this being told its for a 318. Well its too narrow up front and doesn't fit. I checked with the help forum and came up with this for possible series tractors to fit below. I'm asking $465 for the unit and in Athens, WI. Delivery is possible if you help pay my fuel as I'd be hauling...
  4. John Deere and Allied Attachments
    Does anyone have any pictures or plans for a DIY cab for a 318 they would want to share? Wanting to possibly build one for my 318.
    I have a nice Snowblower, Cab, 2 sets of weights and 2 sets of chains. Asking $500 for the blower, $500 for the cab, $50 for each set of weights, and $50 for each set of chains. $1000 takes all real fast. If you buy all I'll throw in a real old, beat up, bent, cutting edge welded on, front...
    Deere 318 soft side cab with front and back window, brackets. Average usable condition. Located Northern Ohio $350 OBO.
    John Deere winter cab or snow cab. Has a hard top, manual windshield wiper(needs new blade, Back reflectors and back lights. I bought this for my 318, put them side by side and it looks like it will fit good. I decided I did not need it. The measurement from outside to outside of the...
  8. John Deere Lawn Tractors & Late Garden Tractors
    New to website. I just purchased an ALL steel Cozy Cab for my JD 445 (cab serial number CP22-71-227) for $600. The cab came with motorized wiper, heater that runs off radiator hoses, 2 front halogen lights, a rear halogen light, and a roof top beacon light. The plan is to restore the cab next...
    Cleaning the shed of some parts. I really, really do not want to ship any of this so local pickup only. 49 Blower chute rotation parts - all for $20 I converted my 49 blower to hydraulic rotation last fall and had these I no longer need. I think its complete except for the sleeve I had to...
  10. John Deere and Allied Attachments
    Several years ago I bought a 110 with an odd fitting cab on it. No serial numbers or anything, but fits my 318 pretty well. I've never liked the fabric in the front and this year decided to change it. This is the story. Before picture
  11. Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I just bought a cab for my 420 and I really don't want to drill into my fenders because they are in really good shape. I have seen others buy an spare fender deck and drill that one for the cab. I have had no luck in finding one had not having to swap fender decks does sound appealing to me. I...
  12. Want To Buy
    I am looking to buy the following accessories. I am only looking for items in very good condition. Cab 37a Blower 43 Plow 43c Belly Blade Integral Hitch Must be willing to ship (or be located in Atlantic Canada) Let me know what you have!
  13. Want To Buy
    Hello WFM'ers I am in northern Indiana and would like to find an unmodified 54C center blade, 140 cab in good condition (either soft or hard side), and a model 80 cart within a few hour's drive of the 46996 zip code. Condition dictates price for me. Pictures are a big plus...
1-13 of 14 Results