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  1. P218G Onan Carb Removal in 316

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I have a 1990 316 with a P218G Onan. I am in the process of replacing the carb. I removed the 3 steel shrouds over the top of the engine and muffler. I bent a wrench that allowed me to back out the two bolts that hold the carb to the manifold. Any suggestions how to get the carb to "release"...
  2. carb gasket questions

    Gear Drive Tractors
    Hello All, I was wondering if I could get a little info on the gasket that goes between the carb and the block. I removed my carburetor to soak it and do a rebuild on it. When I removed the carb there was only a thick plastic like gasket between the block and carb. I understand that it was for...
  3. 420 Must Prime Carb with Fuel - to Start - after 2+ days sitting

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    '92 420 with Onan P220, if after 2+ days I haven't started it, the Carb must be primed with fuel for it to start. Starting/Stopping on same day is fine/works well. -Been happening for 6+ months -Fuel filter has been replaced twice (it is good). However it is always empty. Even after it is...
  4. Identify engine, Kohler k321? / Also no start problem

    General Repair
    Hi everyone, new member and first time poster. Was recommended here by a friend. So this is a non Deere related piece of equipment, but the engines that it could possibly be were used in them. So to start of, Hi and thanks for attempting to help. So the back story: The wife, as all wife's...
  5. Carb Adjustment on 316 Onan

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I removed and cleaned the entire air cleaner assembly on my 1990 316 with an Onan. I used spray carb cleaner and adjusted the carb screw. I even checked the adjustment with the rotary engaged. However, when I reassembled the air cleaner, the engine now surges (again) after the surging...
  6. JD 140 '73 - Starts, Idles, but rough to rev.....HELP!

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Hi guys.....I'm a new WFM member and proud owner of a 73 JD140 H3 that I got a month ago. It sat outside for 2 years and is pretty rough, but it is a beast and I got a 33 Tiller with it....so gotta get going! I had the carb removed and ultrasonically cleaned and put back on. Guy said he set...