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cat 0

    260 Rear Finish Mower, it is complete with 2000 RPM driveshaft. Has some pitting and rust holes under the shielding around the spindles but would be usable as is. My dad picked it up thinking it was a CAT 1 mower, we don't have a 2000 RPM garden tractor to run this mower. Located near Fort...
  2. Corner Store
    Good Morning All, Haven't had much luck locating a 3 point quick hitch for Category 0 tractors. Looking to find out how much interest there would be in purchasing a number of these hitches. I would be willing to resell these quick hitches to other members that are in the same boat as me if...
    Refurbished Cat 0 3 Point hitch for a JD 300This was Originally from a 140. I cut the notch in it so it would fit my 300.New Top link $500 I am located in Washington County PA