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cozy cab

  1. Jd 430 with cozy cab

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I have a jd 430 with a cozy cab that i am fixing up. The insulation on the roof panel is falling apart. What kind of stuff is everyone using to replace this stuff?
  2. Selling one of my two 430’s

    Location Kansas City Missouri p.m. with a phone # to start conversation I am going to part with one of my beloved JD 430 garden tractors to help with my business. I need to generate some money to put into my small business, so one of my machines will have to find a new home. I will sell one...
  3. John Deere 318 with 3pt, pto Cozy cab, front dethatcher and Trac Vac

    I picked this unit up at an estate sale so I don't have much history with this unit. It is in very good shape and was well taken care of 1985 936 hours Includes tire chains Includes manual Great condition Cozy cab is in great shape with minmal rust - fan works, wiper does not, does not have...
  4. JD 445 Cozy Cab Heat/Lights/Wiring

    John Deere Lawn Tractors & Late Garden Tractors
    New to website. I just purchased an ALL steel Cozy Cab for my JD 445 (cab serial number CP22-71-227) for $600. The cab came with motorized wiper, heater that runs off radiator hoses, 2 front halogen lights, a rear halogen light, and a roof top beacon light. The plan is to restore the cab next...
  5. Alternative Cab Mounting

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I just bought a cab for my 420 and I really don't want to drill into my fenders because they are in really good shape. I have seen others buy an spare fender deck and drill that one for the cab. I have had no luck in finding one had not having to swap fender decks does sound appealing to me. I...