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    Selling my 430's attachments I would prefer to sell them as a unit, but I can split them up. 54" 4-way blade: works good, has a loose fitting on the lift cylinder causing a slight leak, had a new skid plate put on last year. $500 OBO 50" deck: mows excellent, it is a little bent on the eject...
  2. Want To Buy
    Hey all - been awhile since I've been on here but I recently bought some land and need a 2nd mower to get it all cut. My dad still has the 210 I used when I was a kid but got rid of the rotted deck. Anybody help me find one? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    Serial # < 30,000 Re-powered by http://www.jimsrepairjimstractors.com/john-deere-garden-tractor.htm with a vanguard 18hp v-twin Original Kohler 14hp engine included New front/rear hydraulic couplers Alternate hydraulic setup to raise / lower front or rear mounted attachments separately...
    1989 John Deere 316 for sale. Onan P218G engine with 635 hrs. Excellent mechanical condition. We have 90 apple trees, and I need to go to a zero turn mower. This unit has always been a back up mower for a 322, and I've put about 100 hrs on it in the past 10 years. 46" Deck is in good shape...
  5. Want To Buy
    Hello, I am in need of a complete center spindle assembly for a 48" mower deck. I may be interested in a complete 48" or 50" inch deck but really just need the center spindle and pulley assembly. Thank you for the help :good: Cheers Rob
    316 with 50" mower, 54" blade, 5' Lime Feeder, Single Bottom Plow and 3 Point Hitch 316 with 50" mower, 54" blade, 5' Lime Feeder, Single Bottom Plow and 3 Point Hitch (Installed). 1987 John Deere JD-316 $1,200.00 Onan P218G engine replacement, rebuilt hydrostatic pump, newer front...
    1987 John Deere JD-316 $1,200.00 Onan P218G replacement, rebuilt hydrostatic pump, newer front tires, new fire wall. - 1,650 Hrs 50" Mid-Mount Rotary Mower $300.00 Some cracks, weld to fix. Extra Sets of Mower Blades 0.00 Goes with Mower Deck Sharpen and use. 30"...
    1982 (S/N C210L 192098) JD 210 with 39” mower deck w/ sharpened blades, new battery, new points, new ignition switch, recent deck drive belt, newer seat. Runs and mows fine. Equipped with front attachment lift, so it’s ready for a snow blower or a blade. I can include electronic copies of the...
  9. Want To Buy
    Hello, I am in search of a 50" deck for my 430 that i recently bought. It came with a 60" deck for a JD 400, and I do not want it because it does not mount correctly to my 430. If anyone has a 50" relativly close to me or wants to trade for my 400 deck let me know. My zipcode is 22030. Thanks
  10. John Deere and Allied Attachments
    I have a really badly rotten 48 deck for my 314. I pulled back a sheet of metal that was riveted to the underside (because the pulleys were loose and couldn't be tightened) and found that there's no deck left for the center pulley to mount to the deck - it was mounted to the sheet of metal...
  11. FOR SALE
    46" Deck w/ Powerflow bagger located in Burlington MI - about 15 miles South of Battle Creek. Asking $400 obo - I picked up a 318 and all I need is the tractor. Deck seems pretty quiet and solid. If I am way off on the price someone please chime in! Easiest to email me at [email protected]
  12. John Deere and Allied Attachments
    I recently just purchased a 1986 John Deere 430 with a 60 inch deck and only 327 hours on it. I noticed that the 425-455's have a power flow for their 60 inch decks. They looked fairly close to the one on my 430. So I was wondering if I could somehow mate the power flow from the 425 to my 430...
  13. John Deere and Allied Attachments
    I was at a show this past weekend and saw a guard on a 110 deck that I had never seen before. The guard is where the grass comes out. Just wondering if it's factory
1-13 of 13 Results