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  1. Deere 318 starts, runs, mows fine, but stops after 20 to 30 minutes

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Wont restart after dying, but starts right up after cooling off for 15 or 20 minutes. Did not do it with the snow blower over the winter. Any ideas? Probably spark? Thanks., Fred
  2. John Deere F915 Alternator and Glow Plug Wiring

    John Deere Lawn Tractors & Late Garden Tractors
    Hi, I have a nice running John Deere F915 which has a few problems that I'd like to try to overcome now that I have some more spare time than usual lately. I bought this one the way it is, and basically it cuts great so I put up with the quirks. The PO used to just connect a wire to the...
  3. 1986 John Deere 330 Diesel Lawn Tractor

    Posting for John Deere Tractor 1986 John Deere 330 diesel riding tractor with brand new 48” mower deck. Located in Shrewsbury, NJ. This was Deere's original diesel lawn tractor and has a 3 cylinder Yanmar diesel engine and hydrostatic drive. Mower deck raises and lowers hydraulically. Many...
  4. 318 Flywheel "Dragging"

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Howdy all! AT my age I'm lucky to have a Grandfather who is not only still alive but still tears apart engines and puts things together. He called me tonight and stumped me with a problem. He has a 318 with the Onan P218. The last time it ran was the first startup for the Spring. We fired it...
  5. Uni-Tatch Broom - Complete system fully restored - $1750 - Moline, IL

    For sale is my Dads Uni-Tatch power broom. It includes all parts needed to connect to 300 series open frame tractors. Dad has owned this for about 4 years, and he and I went through the whole system replacing all worn parts. - New Brushes - All new bearings - Gearbox disassembled, cleaned...
  6. 318 Soft Side Cab

    Deere 318 soft side cab with front and back window, brackets. Average usable condition. Located Northern Ohio $350 OBO.
  7. 330 Rear PTO Stuck on

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    It makes a bit of a rattle racket, and when I flip the switch I can see the clutch plates move together more to engage. So it looks like it is not disengaging all the way. I'm not familiar with this device at all and need to fix it so I can use my rear hydraulic tiller in the coming weeks. What...
  8. JD 420; 60" mower, 3-point hitch, wheel weights

    I believe it is a 1984 model. Location --- Pacific, MO 63069 (about 45 minutes from St. Louis) John Deere 420 Short-blocked 20 HP Onan engine 60" mower deck 3-point hitch with bar and ball as shown in pictures 48" grader blade optional to sell with tractor Wheel Weights 1072 hours...
  9. 322 hydro for sale

    322 hydro for sale, thought mine was going bad bought a running take out, turns out mine was fine. 400.00 OBO can ship or pick up located in Ankeny Iowa 515 577 0320
  10. John Deere Model 10 dump cart, trailer in Ohio

    I have a JD #10 cart for sale. It has been inside it's whole life and was only used on a handful of occasions. Located in Fort Loramie, Ohio, which is about 50 miles Northwest of Dayton (10 miles West of I-75, 25 miles from the Indiana border) I'd like $300.00 for it.
  11. Deere 30" Hydraulic Tiller For Sale

    For sale is a 30" hydraulic tiller for 210, 212, 214, 216, 316 S.N. 285001-, 318, 322, 330, 332, 420, 430 Lawn & Garden Tractors. See Deere parts catalog 1988 for details. Included is the tiller alone. All Brackets, pump, motor, and filter assembly are NOT included. Tiller is in excellent...