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  1. Gear Drive Tractors
    Last snowfall used my 210 and 37a to do my driveway (about half hour) then headed on the road to my elderly neighbors. Shifted to 4th, let out the clutch, and then eased the variator forward. Moved it one notch, no ground speed change. 2 notches or more and it slowed to a stop and the engine...
  2. Round Fendered Tractors
    Hello, I am trying to figure out what the part number is for the drive belt that goes from a 1966 John Deere 110H to a 38 Rotary Mower. The belt that drives the mower from the tractor. I have looked on JD Parts, all they have information for is the 39 rotary mower and beyond. The gentleman...
1-2 of 2 Results