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  1. Cat 1, 3 Point Hitch Receiver Drawbar With weight bracket

    John Deere Lawn Tractors & Late Garden Tractors
    I recently purchased a 3 point set up from Bill Ruegg for my John deere 455. I will be installing it this weekend. I want to purchase a Cat 1 3 Point Hitch Receiver Drawbar With weight bracket. I found 2 big company's, TITAN Hitch and a HEAVY hitch, the prices between the 2 are quite...
  2. 1990 322, Ruegg 3 PT, 49 Snowthrower, Scoop Tote, Front Quick Hitch (MN)

    1990 JD 322, dual hydraulics, 3 cylinder Yanmar gas engine, >1650 hours, Bar tires, includes new grill, battery, TM1591 and CTM12 Reference Manual on CD $1300 Model 49 Single stage snow thrower, short chute $350 Ruegg 3 point hitch $300 50" Mid Mount Rotary Mower with draft arms $300...
  3. FOR SALE: Quick Hitch & Blade for 300 Series - Cincinnati $900

    I've got a quick hitch and 54 Blade that came with a 318 I just purchased. No need for either one so they're up for sale. Excellent condition, see pictures. $900 North Cincinnati PM your phone number if interested. -Andy
  4. Purchase - Category 0 Quick Hitch? Northern VA

    Corner Store
    Good Morning All, Haven't had much luck locating a 3 point quick hitch for Category 0 tractors. Looking to find out how much interest there would be in purchasing a number of these hitches. I would be willing to resell these quick hitches to other members that are in the same boat as me if...
  5. JD 300 with multiple implemets

    I am located South of Pittsburgh in Washington County. By Charleroi I have had this Equipment for several years but don't use much anymore This was used as a garden/plow tractor No Mower deck, No Mule Drive, No Front electric PTO Original engine was donated to a tractor pull club that wanted...
  6. JD 300, 54" plow, 33 Tiller, 3pt Hitch, Integral Hitch, Rear PTO, Lift Bar, Extender

    JD 300, 54" plow, 33 Tiller, 3pt Hitch, Integral Hitch, Rear PTO, Lift Bar, Extender Selling equipment that I do not use that much. Located in SW PA 300 Tractor that was mainly used to garden and snow plowing. No mower deck or mule drive. When I got the tractor in 2011 the first thing that...
  7. Drawbar Category 0 hitch

    Category 0 Drawbar Hitch 18"x12" $90.00 Shipping $20.00 Located near Craigville, IN 46731 Call or text. 260-241-158zero
  8. Custom Integral Hitch and other Items

    Cleaning out the shop: 1. Custom made sleeve hitch/weight box/heavy duty hitch. Works great. $250 obo 2. Tires: $25 for the bald set, $50 for the good set 3. Front lift linkage for a 216 $50 4. 33 tiller cover $10 5. Lift arm for a 317 $30.00 all prices are for pickup in Craigville, IN. Call or...