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  1. Hydraulic Dump MCS (316-430 series) Near Davidson, NC

    I have an older style Hydraulic-dump MCS with PTO driven pulley system. It has the lower holes, not the slots, making it a bit harder to install. It works well and it is a lot of fun to dump the leaves over the back fence during the fall leaf collecting season. The hydraulic cylinders work...
  2. 60 Inch Snowblower Hydraulic Hoses Orifice Disc

    John Deere and Allied Attachments
    I removed the two hydraulic hoses for the chute rotation on my 60" snowblower because they had failed. Afterwards, I noticed that a small disc had fallen out of one of the lines. I assume that it is an orifice disc, and must go into one of the fittings that connect to the blower. However, I am...
  3. Kwikway Loader - tractor's hydraulics or separate pump?

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I bought a 210 with Kwikway loader that's been sitting in the shed far too long. I would like to work on mounting it on my recently purchased 332? Of course the loader has it's own pump on the 210, but I was wondering if the 332 hydraulics would be enough to handle the loader - as far as lift...
  4. 317: One-way hydraulics on snowblower lift

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Hi all - running a snowblower on the front of my 317, but the hydraulic lift only goes in one direction. If the hoses are connected one way the snowblower goes all the way down, if the other way all the way up. The lever does nothing. I've not worked on the hydraulics at all on this tractor...
  5. 140 Transmission/hydraulic level

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I have recently purchased a 1970 140 H3 (-10,000) and i have seemed to develop a question that i have yet to find a solid answer to. This is the first tractor i have had that uses transmission fluid for the hydraulics as well. After changing out all the fluids i cant determine if its best to top...
  6. 1977 312 - Testing Hydraulics / Tranmission without engine?

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Hi folks, So I'm just getting starting tearing into my 1977 312. I just acquired it in non-running condition, the connecting rod is in about 5 pieces. The motor is out with what is left of the connecting rod removed and I'll be getting started on the cleanup to see if this K301AS is...