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  1. 318 wont roll in neutral

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Gents, Im trying to troubleshoot a starting issue, but before I can do so, the machine is stranded where the wife shut it off in the lawn. I put the control lever in the neutral detent and am trying to push/pull the machine to the shop but it acts like there is a hydraulic lock and the wheels...
  2. New guy from Wisconsin!

    Hi everybody, I'M 20 i live in Wisconsin on a small horse ranch, I was directed to this forum from an amazing friend of mine who owns a diesel 332 and early 2018 I traded a jetski for a John Deere 165 hydro with a 38" mower deck and a 38" single stage snow blower and a 38" plow I had to modifier...
  3. Snow Thrower for 165 Hydro

    Want To Buy
    Hi All, I am new to the forum and hopefully this is not a duplicate thread. I am looking for a snow thrower for my 165 Hyrdo. Does anyone know where I can find one?
  4. 314 jerky hydro - relief valves or slop in linkages / absorber

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Problem: My hydro on my 314 does the following: - Very jerky when going from neutral - When neutral is desired, tractor will tend to stop abruptly and go in the opposite direction. Have to mess with the hydro lever to get it to sit still; generally I just turn the thing off. Notes on its...
  5. 317 Won't Move Help!

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I"m at wits end here. This 317 is my first experience with a tractor and it is getting the best of me. I don't want to hang it up just yet as I like this green machine, so thanks in advance for the help. Details: Final cut of the year and it stops moving and the engine quickly dies. It won't...
  6. 322 from Presque Isle to Augusta or Freeport, ME

    Move It
    I have a 322 with mower that needs be moved from Presque Isle to ideally Freeport but could meet with someone in the Augusta Maine area. Happy to cover cost of fuel and throw in some extra for the help. Email is [email protected] Thanks Steve
  7. Cracking iron center section on 318 Hydro

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Bought a 318 a couple years ago with known hydro “issues”. When I got around to tearing into it I found out the cast iron ported cover was cracked between the kidney port and O-ring plug for where they drill the pressure galley between the pump and motor. The stock O-ring plug had actually...
  8. 318 Inner Hydro Control Lever Inoperable

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Good Afternoon WFM, Today I attached the 54" plow on my 1983 318 only to find the inner hydro control arm, the one used for the up & down control with the detent position, inoperable. You can move the lever slightly, what I'd consider free play, but that is all. The lever feels jammed and...
  9. Snow Blade for 185 Hydro

    Want To Buy
    I am looking for a blade assembly to convert my JD 185 Hydro so I can push snow this winter.
  10. GT275 - Did I Cook the Hydro Trans ? ? ?

    John Deere Lawn Tractors & Late Garden Tractors
    Loaned my GT275 to my next door neighbor to cut his grass. It started going slowly when he was about done, so he just limped it back over to my house. When it got back over to my house, it was smoking a little and of course smelled awful. I drained about 3 quarts of boiling fluid out of the...