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  1. JD 330 Hydro leak at rear wheel

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Looking to find what might be the issue, whether I can fix myself or need to take to the dealer (note: dealers aren't real knowledgeable about small tractors this old, so often it's better to do it yourself). I parked the tractor last week as we went on vacation. When I returned I found a small...
  2. Thinking of selling 165 any evaluations on price?

    John Deere Lawn Tractors & Late Garden Tractors
    Hi all, I have owned this John Deere 165 hydro-static drive lawn tractor for over a year now. I have used it allot and put a fair amount of work into it. The friend who recommended me getting it has a larger more useful tractor for sale I want but sadly its not a John Deere. The 165 has ran...
  3. New guy from Wisconsin!

    Hi everybody, I'M 20 i live in Wisconsin on a small horse ranch, I was directed to this forum from an amazing friend of mine who owns a diesel 332 and early 2018 I traded a jetski for a John Deere 165 hydro with a 38" mower deck and a 38" single stage snow blower and a 38" plow I had to modifier...
  4. 316 with 50" mower, 54" blade, 30" hydraulic tiller,

    1987 John Deere JD-316 $1,200.00 Onan P218G replacement, rebuilt hydrostatic pump, newer front tires, new fire wall. - 1,650 Hrs 50" Mid-Mount Rotary Mower $300.00 Some cracks, weld to fix. Extra Sets of Mower Blades 0.00 Goes with Mower Deck Sharpen and use. 30"...
  5. Cracking iron center section on 318 Hydro

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Bought a 318 a couple years ago with known hydro “issues”. When I got around to tearing into it I found out the cast iron ported cover was cracked between the kidney port and O-ring plug for where they drill the pressure galley between the pump and motor. The stock O-ring plug had actually...
  6. 1987 John Deere 430 Diesel Lawn Farm Garden Tractor Mower

    John Deere 430 Diesel tractor, hydrostatic drive, with 60" mower deck, hydraulically lifted, with 1215 hours. This unit is in great shape and has been well maintained (by Marine mechanic) and always been garage kept. Recently dealer serviced and in great operating condition with no leaks. Engine...
  7. stuck relief/check valve

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Okay, so I have a 317 and the relief valve is stuck in the down position... there isn't enough sticking out for me to grab it with anything. it is flush with the rest of the hex. now I am just at a standstill because this stupid relief valve is holding me up. do you guys have any tricks to try...
  8. 1977 312 - Testing Hydraulics / Tranmission without engine?

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Hi folks, So I'm just getting starting tearing into my 1977 312. I just acquired it in non-running condition, the connecting rod is in about 5 pieces. The motor is out with what is left of the connecting rod removed and I'll be getting started on the cleanup to see if this K301AS is...