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john deere 140

  1. haban 416 front pto pulley john deere 140

    Want To Buy
    hi i am looking for a front pto pulley for a haban 416 sickle bar mower ,for a 1970 john deere 140,,thanks Ed
  2. 1968 John Deere 140H3 Sidetag

    Up for sale is another of our Projects, a 1968 140 H3 sidetag Price: $500 Location: Grand Blanc MI but shipping available via R/L carriers or Fastenal. $15 handling fee for drop off of item at Fastenal store Type#: T0583 Serial #: 001944M This tractor is a really nice survivor, paint is all...
  3. My 120 & 140's. It started by inheriting one. Grandpas

    Non-Technical Vintage John Deere Garden Tractors
    I finally had some time to pull them out of the shop. Each with their own character, needs and quirks, I'm drawn to them all. If they could just share their past, I'd be all ears. The pic of the strange blade mount is on the 120. The PO had some strange ideas for using the plow blade. Welds to...