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    I have a complete original K90 for sale in Wyoming. Has original carb, oil bath air cleaner and exhaust. Can ship on your dime. $275.00 OBO
  2. Gear Drive Tractors
    Good morning Next some advice from the guru's or experienced! Will a Kohler Magnum M12S engine bolt into a Deere 212? Thanks in advance 440Coronet
    I have a Kohler K532 that I pulled out of my 400. It is complete and was still running (although the right side connecting rod is gone). The carburetor, starter, stator were all working. Let me know if you want an individual part. I would sell the complete engine as it sits for $100/offer/trade...
  4. Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Hello, First post here. I just purchased my first JD, a 314 that had a rebuilt (original) engine. I have run it a number of times with no issues. This morning I was snowblowing (model 49) without issue. My neighbor came by to admire the machine, I turned the tractor off for 5, then I started it...
  5. Gear Drive Tractors
    Has anyone done this with a small metal gas tank off of an old push mower or something similar? If you have please share your experience and PICTURES! I am going to attempt this on my 214 with the reserve tank mounted above the engine. Because there is no outlet on the bottom of the tank I have...
1-5 of 6 Results