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  1. Sold - Cyclone Rake Pro - $800 in Western New York

    No longer need this 6 HP collection system that I used for 1 year on my 314 w/ 48 deck. Great for collecting grass clippings and leaves for the mulch pile. Engine starts easily. You know the bin is full when leaves shoot out the sides of the blower discharge. 7" hose from deck to blower...
  2. 1978 316K, 317, 317 engine, Decks, Blower,Hydraulic blade, Leaf collection.

    1978 316 Kohler. Engine was rebuilt 5-6 years ago. Little use since. I rebuilt mule drive a while back. Has old style JD hubcaps on front. With deck $850 obo I moved to location with a steep driveway. Chains were scratching up drive. That & shoulder surgeries had me move into 4wd machine with...