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  1. Kwik-Way front end loader for JD 318 and others (southern MN)

    This Kwik-Way front end loader (model # 45-08411) is in excellent original condition and looks like it's barely been used. As far as I know, the setup is complete and will only need a drive belt for the pump. It was mounted on my John Deere 318 and I believe (but cannot guarantee) it will also...
  2. FOR SALE: JD 332 diesel lawn tractor with mower, snow thrower & front end loader

    This is a late 80's JD with a 3 cylinder Yanmar diesel, hydrostatic drive and attachments. Product ID number is M00332X422985. 1392 hours on the meter. I have had it since about 2000 and I have only given it light use. The Front end loader is from CTC engineering in Wisconsin. See the...
  3. 140 H3 w/ Kwik-Way loader - Cedar Falls, IA

    I bought this a few years ago to do a few projects, they got done (moving about 60 yards of gravel and about 100 yards of dirt), and it's been sitting in my garage ever since. I hate to let this go, but I would rather have the space in my garage back. The loader works great, but the left-hand...
  4. 1980 John Deere 400 w/ loader, snowblower

    John Deere 400 serial # 120201M. All metal in good shape. Needs right side piston rod replaced. Engine has been removed for service. Tractor has a solid 60" mower with a newer belt and good blades. Also equipped with a factory 3point hitch with hydraulic lift. Tractor has 2 hydraulic...
  5. Looking for a front end loader attachment for my John Deere 400

    Want To Buy
    Hello John Deere Community. I am looking to purchase an attachment for my lawnmower tractor 400 series and live in the Leamington Ontario area. Does anyone know of anything for sale around these parts? We'd like to be able to move soil around our small acreage. Thanks for any leads! Jane :bigjd:
  6. Kwikway Loader - tractor's hydraulics or separate pump?

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I bought a 210 with Kwikway loader that's been sitting in the shed far too long. I would like to work on mounting it on my recently purchased 332? Of course the loader has it's own pump on the 210, but I was wondering if the 332 hydraulics would be enough to handle the loader - as far as lift...
  7. Johnny Bucket Sr.

    Want To Buy
    I am wore out from moving dirt. On the recommendation of my JD 322, I am looking to purchase a used Johnny Bucket Sr for my loyal JD 322. When I spoke with my tractor, he indicated his willingness to give this bucket a try. He said his friends have all said this is a good tool to have and...
  8. selling my 318 and 140s with Johnson loader

    It's time to thin the herd. I have for sale the following: 318 is a 1983 with 922 hours and includes 50 inch mower deck, power flow bagger, snow thrower, wheel weights, model 10 lawn/dump cart. Next are 2 – 140s. Both are 1968 models. One is good running and the other is my parts tractor...
  9. One of these things is not like the other - Front End Loader Power King

    Off Brand Tractors
    I did something today I normally would not do. I swapped a very used 430 for two 1967 power king tractors. The kicker is that one has a front end loader with two buckets. The other has a belly mower and wheel weights. So these two red machines stick out of the green herd. I'm unsure how...
  10. JD 44 loader for 316, 318, 322, 332.

    I have for sale the 44 loader off my JD 318. Includes loader, subframe, pump, rear weight box and brackets, and cement 55 pound rear wheel weights. Complete setup. Works fine, only removed because I bought a 420 with a loadwr. Will not break up. $3000.00 for everything. Located in southeast GA...
  11. 1972 140 h-3 with johnson loader

    I have a 1972 John Deere 140 h-3 with a factory installed Johnson loader. I have owned this tractor for over 10 years and it works and runs good, it has the rear hitch and rear weights. I just put new bar tires on the rear this summer. I am the second owner and have not used it much. I was...
  12. WTB Buford Bucket FEL Mini Loader

    Want To Buy
    Looking to buy a Buford Bucket. I have an X Series, but would be interested in other models if I can modify it to fit my X series. PM me with what you have and info.
  13. Tractor Shovel Build

    John Deere and Allied Attachments
    So I'm going to build a tractor shovel. So I have 2 main questions: 1. What should the bottom plate thickness be? 1\4"? 3\8"? 2. I have a 54 blade, but also have an unused 43 blade. Would it be better to build a slightly heavier unit using the 43 blade, in liue of the 54 blade? Thanks. JD 317.