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    Early 420, 1115 hours. Item is complete and works as it should. No known major defects and nothing will be covered up. Tractor SN was missing when I got it, but engine SN indicates the engine was manufactured a couple of months before the 420 was introduced. I am selling because Legal an...
    $3,700 USD
    No longer need this 6 HP collection system that I used for 1 year on my 314 w/ 48 deck. Great for collecting grass clippings and leaves for the mulch pile. Engine starts easily. You know the bin is full when leaves shoot out the sides of the blower discharge. 7" hose from deck to blower...
  3. Want To Buy
    Looking to buy a Hydraulic lift MCS. I am located in MN. I have a tilt dump one now so If it is in tough shape I can swap drive and blower parts from my current MCS. Let me know what you have and where you are located at.
  4. John Deere and Allied Attachments
    Can anyone explain the order of operations for disassembling the MCS blower shaft? I've got the housing off of the frame, and the housing half taken off. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to press off the impeller/pulley. I'm trying to get it apart to replace the bearings, and...
    I have an older style Hydraulic-dump MCS with PTO driven pulley system. It has the lower holes, not the slots, making it a bit harder to install. It works well and it is a lot of fun to dump the leaves over the back fence during the fall leaf collecting season. The hydraulic cylinders work...
    Location Kansas City Missouri p.m. with a phone # to start conversation I am going to part with one of my beloved JD 430 garden tractors to help with my business. I need to generate some money to put into my small business, so one of my machines will have to find a new home. I will sell one...
  7. Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Found a MCS for sale that came off a 332. It's powered by it's own engine. Has anybody ever retrofitted one of these successfully to a 140?
    Hi everyone, my dad is selling his Deere material collection system that came with his 430. He's selling the complete system including the rear PTO complete assembly, the rear mounting brackets, and the deck boot to match a 60" deck with the tilt dump system. Everything works as it should...
    For sale PTO from a 318 - someone who knows more than me can say what else it will fit. I bought it for $400 to use on a tiller thinking that I could easily get a PTO driven tiller, rookie mistake. I now have a 30 Hydraulic tiller on the way. I was told that a local dealer removed it from the...
  10. FOR SALE
    For sale is a used tilt dump MCS hopper for the 300 series equipment. Hopper only included. Will be traveling from Moline, Il to Cincinnati, OH on 10/30 and could deliver within reasonable distance of I-74. PM with questions. Thanks Andy
  11. Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I've got an aftermarket 3pt hitch setup and a non 3pt hitch tilt n dump material collection system. I believe the holes in my bottom brackets are in the wrong spot and not to JD spec on the OEM AM39116 bracket. When I'm ready to remove my 3pt lift arms and connect my MCS I've got to lower my...
1-11 of 11 Results