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  1. Several Hoods for Sale 185 214 110

    May fit other models - USED 185 Hydro: Includes headlights and lens and grill 214: Includes hinges and headlights and lens 110: Hood with decals only. The other hood is sold. Also: Grills in poor shape - see image $10 each Sliding seat hardware 20 each Engine side covers for 200 series $30...
  2. How much Gator blade can a 214 with 46" deck handle?

    Gear Drive Tractors
    I tried searching here and elsewhere to answer this question but couldn't find anything definitive. Hoping y'all can help. My 214 with a 46" deck is long overdue for a blade change (the current blades are more stiletto than machete) and I'm looking at the Oregon Gator options. Blade specs...
  3. 1988 Deere 318 Mower, Blower, Blade, and 3pt hitch - $2500

    Located in Stamford, NY My tractor for the last 14 years.. it's been great, I need to go bigger/newer. M00313X488529 Looking for $2500 picked up for the whole package... will do $2400 for members here. https://oneonta.craigslist.org/for/d/stamford-1988-deere-318-mower-blower/6908858509.html...
  4. JD455 Front Quick Hitch 4 my snow plow-is there a front mower attachment that works?

    General Repair
    All - I'm 67 years old and my JD 455 is 23 years old - sweet machine! I'm getting to the point where it is tough to crawl under the tractor to hook up the belly mower deck each spring (and remove it each fall!). I have the slick little front-end quick connect for the snow blade and I was...
  5. 1974 140 H3 accessories, C54 center blade, 49 blower, 48 mower, wheel weights, more

    1974 140 H3 accessories, C54 center blade, 49 blower, 48 mower, wheel weights, more Greetings again from Texas. Previous buyer has pulled out so this tractor and accessories are back on the market. First a few items of note. 1. Tractor is in Japatul, CA (East of...
  6. 81' 111 Lawn Tractor Barn Find Not running Douglaville Ga $175.00

    The motor is free and spends over. No Battery. One back tire won't hold air. Its all here. She has been kept in a shed or garage up till now. I'm putting it up for sale here first before I go to Craig's list. 1981 John Deere 111 with the 11hp Briggs. My location is the west side of Atlanta...
  7. 1964 John Deere 110 Lawn Mower for Sale - $2000 for complete system

    John Deere 110 riding tractor with 38” deck and snow blower. CLASSICThis machine is ALL original Well maintained and garage kept. Engine rebuilt in 1977. Kohler engine. Starts every time. Belts good.Original manuals and a Maintenance Manual. Great RESTORATION PROJECT. Round...
  8. JD316 50" Mid-mount Rotary Mower Deck

    Want To Buy
    I am looking for a 50" mid-mount rotary mower deck for my 1987, JD316 (with Onan P218G-I). My mower deck is rusted through in several places and needs replaced. Let me know if you have something that is solid and in good operating condition. Thanks, DJ