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    Glad to join up. I am a semi retired mechanic. We run a small farm where our JD317 and JD 316 get worked pretty hard. We use a pair of 33 tillers, blade with tilt and two cutting decks. I formerly owned a 140 that performed 20 years of good service for us. Ironically, someone on my current...
  2. Introductions
    What’s going on? I’m Andrew and I just recently found a 72’ 110 and I’ve been restoring it slowly over the past few weeks. It has the 10HP engine and 47 inch mowing deck. Here’s what I’ve been working with, does anyone know the belt diagram for the deck and PTO help? The PTO isn’t doing much...
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    Hello, all. Looking forward to interacting with you. I don't use any of the newer equipment. I tend to keep to the older stuff. First tractor and my weekly use tractor is a 1981 210. Has a quick garage restoration on it, so it looks great from 25ft lol. It does is fair share of work from basic...
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    Hi . im new here . just bought a 1989 jd 755 tractor . gonna need some help and good advise . pretty sure motor needs changed out