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  1. P218G Onan Carb Removal in 316

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I have a 1990 316 with a P218G Onan. I am in the process of replacing the carb. I removed the 3 steel shrouds over the top of the engine and muffler. I bent a wrench that allowed me to back out the two bolts that hold the carb to the manifold. Any suggestions how to get the carb to "release"...
  2. WTB - decent running Onan B43G for a 318

    Want To Buy
    Need an Onan B43G in good running condition. If you have a P218G, would be interested as well, but would need the driveshaft too. Hoping to find something close(ish) to the Canadian border (I'm in Ontario close to Toronto), or someone willing to ship (more ideal). Thanks!
  3. 316 with 50" mower, 54" blade, 5' Lime Feeder, Single Bottom Plow and 3 Point Hitch

    316 with 50" mower, 54" blade, 5' Lime Feeder, Single Bottom Plow and 3 Point Hitch 316 with 50" mower, 54" blade, 5' Lime Feeder, Single Bottom Plow and 3 Point Hitch (Installed). 1987 John Deere JD-316 $1,200.00 Onan P218G engine replacement, rebuilt hydrostatic pump, newer front...
  4. 316 with 50" mower, 54" blade, 30" hydraulic tiller,

    1987 John Deere JD-316 $1,200.00 Onan P218G replacement, rebuilt hydrostatic pump, newer front tires, new fire wall. - 1,650 Hrs 50" Mid-Mount Rotary Mower $300.00 Some cracks, weld to fix. Extra Sets of Mower Blades 0.00 Goes with Mower Deck Sharpen and use. 30"...
  5. Chasing a surge

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Hi all, I've got a situation that's stumped me, but more importantly, has stumped my uncle who has 50+ years of experience with small engines. Here's the situation: I have a surge in my 316. It has the Onan B43G in it. The engine is fresh. It was originally a generator and never got used...
  6. onan t260g engine

    FOR SALE: t260g onan engine with low compression. Came out of a F930. I repowered with a different engine. Newer starter, and carb. Have a gasket kit for it. Complete engine . $200. We took this out 5 years ago, and have lost the mounting bolts for the tin. Still hunting for them! I have...
  7. FS: John Deere 400 Serial #192XXX

    FS: John Deere 400 lawn and garden tractor serial number 192XXX which means it's a 1982. Original Kohler K532 Engine turns over and backfires, but won't start. No deck. 910hrs All tires hold air and have tread (one is brand new Carlisle) All body panels present. Hood in good condition...
  8. JD 318 engine question

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Hello everyone, After searching for a answer to my question all over the net, this looks like the place to get answers when it comes to a john deere. So I purchased a jd 318 awhile ago, and the engine has a bit of a knock to it. I'm almost positive that its a rod bearing knock. So with that...
  9. For Sale: 1983 Onan B48G from Deere 420, Albert Lea, MN- Complete engine

    Removed from 1983 Deere 420. Engine has 1500hrs, bought new by my Grandpa in '84, he maintained it very well and mowed at a snails pace until I inherited the mower in 2014 and noticed it lacked power. I cleaned and adjusted the points,and put the carb off of a 1996 Lindmar (Onan Replacement) and...
  10. 318 with 797 Hrs Fully Restored 120 Compression original Onan

    For sale is a 1987 John Deere 318. Asking $2750. I purchased this tractor from a fellow WFM member as part of a bigger transaction. He had done a full restore, but was not able to re-assemble the tractor due to some health issues. I bought the pieces and put it all together, adding a new OEM...