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  1. JD316 Onan P218 Shut Off - Where Do I Start?

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Team JD, Happy Father's Day! The 1990 316 has been running better that she has in years. The new carb this winter definitely made a HUGE difference. I was cutting grass yesterday and she started miss. I moved it over to the shed where I was going to check to see if it was low on gas, even...
  2. P218G Onan Carb Removal in 316

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I have a 1990 316 with a P218G Onan. I am in the process of replacing the carb. I removed the 3 steel shrouds over the top of the engine and muffler. I bent a wrench that allowed me to back out the two bolts that hold the carb to the manifold. Any suggestions how to get the carb to "release"...
  3. JD 318 engine question

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Hello everyone, After searching for a answer to my question all over the net, this looks like the place to get answers when it comes to a john deere. So I purchased a jd 318 awhile ago, and the engine has a bit of a knock to it. I'm almost positive that its a rod bearing knock. So with that...
  4. 318 with 797 Hrs Fully Restored 120 Compression original Onan

    For sale is a 1987 John Deere 318. Asking $2750. I purchased this tractor from a fellow WFM member as part of a bigger transaction. He had done a full restore, but was not able to re-assemble the tractor due to some health issues. I bought the pieces and put it all together, adding a new OEM...