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  1. Wanted Transaxle Parts 1966 John Deere 110H Transaxle Parts

    Want To Buy
    Hello, The time has come to open the transaxle and rebuild it. I have a 1966 John Deere 110H (Serial Number SNT1032061956M). I'm looking to purchase all the parts on the inside of the transaxle. Gears, retainer springs, everything. It is the Tecumseh/Peerless trans axle. Would Anyone out...
  2. John Deere collection for sale. Including 60, 70, 110, 112, 120, and 140 tractors.

    I am offering my collection of tractors and parts for sale. Some of these I have had for over 20 years. There are both running and parts tractors. Lots of attachments including decks, blowers, tillers, Brinley disc, center blade, plow blades, weights, integral hitch, extra wheels and tires...
  3. Option to part out 430

    Location Kansas City Missouri I have two 430’s listed as packages, but it may be worth seeing if there is enough interest in parting one out. The machine being considered is a 1991 430 with about 1280 hours and rising. I have 4 Deere’s and 3 additional mowers and rotate working each, so hours...
  4. John Deere 400

    I have for sale a mostly complete but non running 400 for sale. The Good: The one side panel, hood, fender deck and dash tower are in good shape. The rims are in good shape but tires are old and checked, the do still mostly hold air. The Bad: Engine has a broken right rod, transmission has...
  5. New member with a lot to sell

    Hi everyone my name is Ethan. I just got news an old local deere dealer is in bad health shape and the daughter has taken over and has been overwhelmed with his collection (hoard) of deere parts. I am located in Ne Ohio. I will be working with to help her to help move some of the Leftovers...
  6. Needed: Misc 1971 140 30,001- Parts

    Want To Buy
    Hi guys, this is officially my first WFM post! I need a few parts. '71 unit. Looking for a freewheeling valve (failed o ring), The complete top fan cover (AM33037), Rear Fan Shield (M49474), 2 front seat spring bolts (M42647), Plastic trans dipstick cover (mine cracked into pieces), Rear PTO pan...