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  1. 1971 Patio Model 112 Hydraulic Lift tractor for sale

    I thought I was going to work on this project, but I haven't in several years, so it is time for it to go to a loving home. Im not a tractor expert but I believe it has the original seat, albeit missing the seat cover and pad. It was in driving condition when it was parked several years ago...
  2. Welcome new family member - Clementine

    Gear Drive Tractors
    Ladies and gentlemen... meet Clementine. JD 112 Custom color, Delivered 6 of Sept 1970 to Lou in Walnutport PA Type T0651 SN 135143 Now I do need a bit of your sage advice. Lou says he bought a 1970... bit the engine is white. She was used regularly for 20 years, I got her last fall/winter...
  3. 1969 Deere 140 H3 Custom For Sale

    Hi Everyone, I've decided to list my 140 H3, as other projects have taken priority at the moment. I will sell it for $2750. I have listed it on my local Craigslist, and here is a link to that positing: http://charlotte.craigslist.org/grd/5303133725.html There are several photos at this link...
  4. Where can I get a Replacment patio seat

    Non-Technical Vintage John Deere Garden Tractors
    I have a 1969 orange Patio that I am getting ready to fix up.My hood is in good original condition but my seat cushon is tore and badly worn. I have seen some pretty nice replacements and reconditioned seats at shows. I have a nice textured pan so i could just recover it. Where do you guys find...