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  1. Brackets for 54” blade with power angle

    I'm new here so I'm still trying to figure out how to post a photo. But, I've been working on a John Deere 318 for my daughter to plow snow at her place. She loves that machine. It is just big enough to do the job and small enough not to overwhelm her. I found the brackets for her 54”...
  2. One of these things is not like the other - Front End Loader Power King

    Off Brand Tractors
    I did something today I normally would not do. I swapped a very used 430 for two 1967 power king tractors. The kicker is that one has a front end loader with two buckets. The other has a belly mower and wheel weights. So these two red machines stick out of the green herd. I'm unsure how...
  3. 400 Loss of Power: Need Advice Plz.

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Hi there. I am new to this site as I have just purchased a 1980 JD 400 with the Kohler 19.9HP engine. I purchased the tractor with the Blade w/rake, Snowblower, and Mower deck. Unfortunately the engine bogs down when the PTO is engaged to run the mower and will die if I try to drive forward...
  4. Brantly 317/314 power steering kit central Iowa

    complete good working order, had tractor running and tested before removal even though not pictured the check valve and hoses needed come with as well install instructions http://www.wfmfiles.com/download/314_317_Brantly_920-24_Power_Steering_Mounting_Instructions.pdf also took pictures of...